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Love is Blind Amber and Barnett Parody

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Love Is Blind has officially become a thing. And at the end of the show, you realize just how much even the most perfectly planned plans don’t work out. We start with 30 strangers, which turns into 6 couples and at the end of it, only two of them make it through the altar. Lauren Speed and Cameron Reid and Matt Barnett and Amber Pike. This YouTube channel, Michael and Anthony, has taken it upon themselves to make parodies featuring the couples from Netflix’s twist on the Bachelor.

The Barnett and Amber Parody by Michael and Anthony

The parody starts off with the Jessica and Mark parody we mentioned last time. How Jessica is sabotaging her relationship with Mark by mentioning that of Amber and Barnett. Pretty cliche ‘THAT’ girl attitude, if you ask me.

So, what is the most memorable attribute of Amber Pike? The way she snorts. She snorts every time she laughs. And Barnett, our Mr. Player, loves it. Also, the fact that she is very subtle with her bragging about how she is extremely pretty. Continuing it on how no one believes that she is ex-military. The parody is very specific as it highlights that.

Bringing to your attention Amber’s overexposed skin. Michael, dressed as Amber, has got his shirt almost off him.

Their time in the pods is all about Barnett making dirty jokes and Amber snorting. After that, their life is all about how Amber wants everything to be a specific way. She thinks his house is amazing, she thinks it’s small, and she wants to own everything of his. Well, she is pretty high maintenance for someone who is unemployed.

Did anyone else notice how Amber was obsessed with Barnett since the first day in the pods of Love Is Blind? That is something that caught our eye. And apparently so did Michael and Anthony’s. Honestly, though, the woman is a bit controlling. And don’t they know it!

However, the two are living a happy life getting through one thing, one day at a time.

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