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China to re-release Avengers, Avatar in reopening cinemas

The move comes as daily coronavirus cases fall below 50

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The order of the world seems a bit ironic. As Australia closes down all cinemas indefinitely, China opens 500 more. The move comes as less than 100 cases have been reported for more than 2 weeks. As the rest of the world falls into chaos, it would seem that China has done its time. However, it still may be too soon for China to ease up.

China reopens its cinemas

The entertainment industry is drawing its first breath in the second box office hub of the world. The local cinema in China rose to new heights at the beginning of the 21st century. However, it began from Hollywood movies. It is no secret that American movies are watched, nay, loved all over the world. Moreover, they bring in huge revenue and fan following. Which is why China is looking towards Hollywood movies to reboot the Chinese cinema industry.

China rereleases Avengers & Avatar in cinemas as coronavirus recedes

Avengers: Endgame made $2 billion in international revenue, more than twice its domestic revenue. Similarly, Avatar also made twice its domestic revenue from international cinemas. Moreover, the four installments of Avengers collectively grossed $1.3 billion in China. That is why China chose these top-grossing movies to revive its cinemas. And they will be re-releasing three more movies besides the Avengers saga and Avatar. That includes the first Harry Potter movie remade in 3D and 4K. And nothing is better than a Christopher Nolan movie to revive cinemas. Yes, we are talking about Interstellar, and Inception too.

Coronavirus cases begin to fall

As the strict lockdown is slowly uplifted in China, people will flock to the cinemas. Approximately 700 cinemas have already reopened but in the least affected areas. It is a much-needed break for the Chinese people who have been under lockdown for weeks. However, it may be too soon to open everything up. Experts warn that China might be hit with another wave of cases if it takes things too easy. That is what happened in the city of Hong Kong. It seemed like the perfect example of quarantine in an urban city until it let its guard down. Only time will tell if this move is the right one for China.

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