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Tana Mongeau exposes MTV for insensitive editing

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Tana Mongeau, the famous YouTuber and ex-wife (?) of Jake Paul, is many things but insensitive is not one of them. MTV No Filter season 2 is on air these days. And Tana is facing criticism following every episode. Just last week, viewers criticized her for how she was handling her asthma diagnosis. And this week, they just lost it when Tana was seen partying and drinking around Trevor Moran, who is a recovering alcoholic. The criticism got to a point that Tana couldn’t take it anymore. She called out MTV for editing the videos in a way to make her look bad.

What went down?

In the latest episode of MTV No Filter, Tana’s friend Trevor Moran discusses with the rest of the friends how he relapsed and how hard it is to detox. But having the support group of friends around sounded like a very good idea. The ladies plan a girls night out and Tana Mongeau did not invite Trevor Moran. Ashly Schwan invites him after it turns out that Tana was apprehensive to invite Moran.

At the party, many friends join Tana and her friends for drinks. They all just kept pouring shots, while Trevor was sitting there getting uncomfortable. He then leaves before the party ends. After the episode was out, many people called Tana Mongeau “disgusting, and disrespectful.

Tana Mongeau calls out MTV

Proving that she did not do anything wrong, Tana Mongeau called out MTV for editing the episode in insensitive way. She claims that there’s more to the story and she never meant to harm Trevor Moran, though the episode shows something else entirely.

Moreover, she shared a thread of tweets to clarify the situation. Tana will also be uploading a video soon, explaining everything with further details.

Tana Mongeau


Tana Mongeau further stated that MTV edited 70 hours of footage to create a 30 minutes episode full of drama. In fact, Trevor Moran has also commented on Tana’s post.


The friends stand united, regardless of what the footage shows. Trevor Moran has recently released a music video. Check it out here.

More details will come to light after Tana uploads her video.

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