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James Gunn Would Never Direct Star Wars Movies And Here Is Why

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Director James Gunn, who is currently working with DC and later with Marvel, reveals that he is not going to work with Star Wars. He tells that he is not looking to direct Star Wars movies anytime soon. Although the director has plenty of experience in space battles, good vs evil narratives and working with CGI, he would like to stray away from the Disney franchise. The 53-year-old has already earned a lot of repute for the Guardians series, making himself a well-known figure among the Marvel fans. However, it turns out that he is quite comfortable working with the installments he is already signed up for. And not take on new ones.

James Gunn On Why He Would Not Pick Star Wars

While speaking to fans on an Instagram Q&A session, a curious fan asked James Gunn if he would ever indulge himself with George Lucas’ works. To this, he replied:

“It doesn’t really interest me as a filmmaker. I can’t think of any franchises I’d want to join other than the ones I’m already part of.”

Gunn is probably staying true to his words, something that he once said in the past as well. The director once told that he wasn’t keen to direct Star Wars spin-off show The Mandalorian. Probably that was the signal we all should have understood long ago. The director is currently working on The Suicide Squad for DC. After this, he will start with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 for Marvel. This is probably going to take away a couple of years. Is there a chance that he will develop a liking towards the Star Wars movies and change his mind?

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Apparently James Gunn had a rough patch going in his personal life throughout the filming of the movie.

“My father died two weeks before we started filming and my dog died two weeks before the end. It was a hard, hard time in my life and yet the most fullfilling time I’ve ever had making a movie.”

The Suicide Squad is set for release in August 2021.

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