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Prevent Hantavirus Before It Spreads Like Coronavirus

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For all those people who don’t know, a new virus is here to give you a sleep disorder. A person in China has died because of this virus, known as “Hantavirus”. The Coronavirus pandemic is continuing to spread throughout the countries and another virus has come to life to scare you off (a little more).

It is a piece of bad news for all those people who live near bushy areas and sewerage lines. And everybody is wondering if they should be worrying about “Hantavirus”. Or what if it becomes the reason for more people losing their lives?

What Is Hantavirus?

Well!! Hantavirus is an infectious disease commonly found in the family of rodents. And a person affected by it has flu-like symptoms. Like fever & chills, head & muscle aches, vomiting, and abdominal cramps.

How is the Hantavirus going to make it’s way to your house?

Sometimes people unintentionally forget to clean their kitchen counters with tiny bits of food or they dispose off rotten food in the dumpsters.

Rats have a very good sense of smell. So they take it as an open invitation to raid your house. The infectious rodent eats those leftovers and empties its stomach and liquid by-product right on your kitchen counters or dinner table.

In worst-case scenarios, the rat can decide to poo in the dessert tray which you just left on the kitchen counter to cool down. And you accidentally eat it.

This can be a reason for Hantavirus making its way to your stomach and planning to stay there for a couple of days. And if the symptoms start showing up and you still don’t take it seriously, then you are in big trouble.

When Do The Symptoms Start To Show?

The infection starts circulating in a human body when it has made close contact with a rat or accidentally eats something which is infected by a rat’s poo or liquid by-product.

The Hantavirus symptoms start to show in 4-10 days. And they become worse and convert into Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome if you show negligence or delay in treatment.

Some people like to feed rats as a hobby. Now a lot of people must be thinking that’s a silly thing to do. But they actually do it. I used to feed baby rats when I was a kid.

And I stopped feeding them when I was told that an infected rat’s bite can take your life.

How Can You Save Yourself From Hantavirus?

By making sure that you install rat traps all-around your house and make sure to add a little cheesy treat inside it.

You can also try the stuff with messy outcomes like Rat Killer Tablets, Rat Killer Gum, Rat Killer Spray. I personally go for the Rat Killer Traps. They are time-consuming but totally worth it.

To trap a rat, you have to seal all the entrances and tiny little holes in your house. So that the rat gets stuck inside.

Or just trap the rat and take it somewhere far far away.And release it.

Because Cleanliness Is Important

You have to be super careful after killing a rat. Just open up the windows and doors so that the sunlight and fresh air can enter your house.

Next thing is to clean sweep all the rooms with Vacuum. Now wear gloves and spray the areas with disinfectant. Especially the ones with rat’s poo or liquid by-product. And mop the floor twice or thrice with bleach and water solution.

Where Can You Throw A Dead Rat?

Wear gloves and place the dead rat in a plastic bag and close it tightly. And then place it another bag and tightly wrap it with duct tape.

Now you are all set to dispose of the rat and your gloves in the dumpster. Go back home, wash your hand twice while singing “Please Don’t Haunt Me In My Dreams” at the top of your lungs. Or you can also sing “Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry” too.

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