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Quarantine skit shows Netflix & other streaming services fight

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KeatsDidIt on his Twitter made a hilarious parody about main popular streaming services these days fighting among themselves. Recently with the pandemic outbreak, the streaming services have taken a big hit and are having to up their game even more.

With so many lock downs and worldwide quarantine, people are resorting to watching movies, series and shows at their homes. Users are flooding the internet. And all the streaming services are having to make changes too. Because most of their staff is now working from home and efficiency is not so high. And with these abrupt changes, streaming wars are going to be very fierce among these companies.

An issue that KeatsDidIt made a hilarious parody about.

What the skit shows

His quarantine skit shows Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Disney+ and other streaming companies fighting one another. Netflix is berating Hulu, Disney+ gets pulled into the mix, HBO Go gets attacked based on the loss of Game of Thrones. It’s all in good fun until Crunchyroll, an anime streaming service, settles it for once and for all.

This video depicts a good example of what is happening around the world these days: taking good out of the bad!

Watch the hilarious video below:

The COVID-19 crisis is impacting everyone. Netflix explained in a statement that all its’ customer service are not available now or are working from home. Because of which response time has increased and services are not available that readily. They also said:

“We’re now offering live chat and online Help Center support only globally. Shifting to chat instead of phone support allows our agents to help more people while working from home. We know this is less convenient for some members, but we will be able to help more people more quickly this way. Given the shortage of agents, we’re also having to reduce our support hours. This will vary depending on the country you’re in – and as we experiment with what works best given the current crisis.”

Netflix appreciated its’ customers support and again apologized for any inconvenience in their statement.

Which streaming service are you using during the quarantine? let us know in the comments below!

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