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Should you panic over Hantavirus spreading like Coronavirus?

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If this world is a simulation, someone is having a bit too much fun. When the world barely copes with the Coronavirus, a new strange virus emerges known as the Hantavirus. Reportedly, a person in China has died from the Hantavirus. That begs the question, should you panic over Hantavirus like you are with the Coronavirus?

No, Hantavirus does not spread like the Coronavirus

The main reason the coronavirus is shutting the whole world down and putting everyone in quarantine mode is that humans can transfer it to other humans. It is both surface-borne and air-borne.

Meanwhile, Hantavirus is different. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) deems Hantaviruses as a family of viruses that is primarily found in rodents. The only way in which the virus spread is if you are in direct contact with an infected host’s feces, saliva or urine. A bite can be the cause too but that is rare.

Humans cannot transmit hantavirus to other humans. There have been cases but it is very very rare and the person has to be in incredibly close contact with the infected hantavirus patient.

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Hantavirus is more deadly but much less contagious than coronavirus

While Hantavirus is not contagious as the coronavirus, it’s much more deadly. The symptoms of the hantavirus include fever, chills, abdominal pain, vomiting, headaches, and diarrhea. The fatality rate of the virus that causes hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is high. It was estimated that the hantavirus fatality rate in humans is 35% in 2015.  The current mortality rate is said to be about 38%. That’s a big rise from the Coronavirus mortality rate of just 3.4%.

Some of the symptoms of the hantavirus like fever and body aches might be similar to the coronavirus. Though, there are some extreme symptoms in the later stage such as low blood pressure, kidney failure, acute shock, and even blurred vision.

Preventing the disease | What you can do?

The main thing to do in order to keep yourself safe from the virus is to steer clear from rodents. Just don’t come into contact with rodents because there’s a chance they might be infected with the hantavirus.

You could follow some basic measures to ensure no rodents invade your house such as setting up traps, blocking the access points into your home and ensuring no food leftovers are lying around the house.

Moreover, if you happen to have dead rodents in your home, make sure you completely disinfect the area using alcohol and bleach! Use damp towels to properly clean up the area.

Cleaning is important in both the viruses but you don’t need to panic with this virus-like everyone is with the coronavirus.

Is there a vaccine?

While there is no coronavirus vaccine, the vaccine for hantavirus does exist!

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