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Priyanka Chopra Becomes A Meme, Again

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Priyanka Chopra is always in the news for one reason or another. The Quantico star and UNICEF Ambassador is always at the focus of attention. And many times, it’s not for the right reasons. Sadly, it’s the same case this time. She recently shared a story on Instagram about Coronavirus. However, Twitter ended up making a meme out of Priyanka Chopra!

She applauds first responders on Twitter

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi urged his people to come out of their homes at 5 pm to applaud the first responders of COVID-19. Understandably, Priyanka wanted to take part too. However, it was a bit difficult to do for her, because she was in quarantine all the way over in Los Angeles with Nick Jonas. Therefore, she decided to share a story on Instagram. She wrote in the story:

People around the world have shown their appreciation for the doctors, nurses, and all first responders battling @Covid19 by clapping on their balconies. Although I couldn’t be there in India today to join, I am there in spirit #jantacurfewindia

That’s a very positive message, and it makes sense that she can’t be there in India right now. But what she did in that story was cringe, to say the least. Priyanka Chopra ended up clapping into thin air, facing no one (not even the camera) on her balcony overlooking the ocean. That’s a very weird way to send a message to your people over at home. And as a result, Twitter did not go easy on her.

Twitter doesn’t go easy on Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is often in the news, receiving backlash from fans and critics alike. As usual, Twitter takes the cake when it comes to outrage over anything cringe over the internet. This was the immediate reaction of most people on Twitter:

But of course, it isn’t possible that Twitter shows you the peak of creativity over the internet. And they didn’t disappoint this time in roasting Priyanka Chopra either:


And of course, she became a meme too in the process:

To be very honest, we can’t blame Twitter for making a meme out of her, can we? Moreover, much of the criticism she received is valid. It’s easy to stand on a balcony of your million dollar mansion and share a (cringe) story on Instagram. However, people need more than covers of songs and morale uplifting right now. Many are in serious need of donations and support for food and medical supplies because of Coronavirus. There are celebrities that went out of their way to donate. For instance, Rihanna donated $5 million to charity for COVID-19 relief efforts.

Moreover, recently Gal Gadot and other actors also faced criticism on similar grounds. They sang a cover of Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ that received similar backlash on Twitter. Therefore, celebrities should now be using their privilege to support communities in this time of crisis. Even though we love these Priyanka Chopra memes, it would be a lot better if she donates to Coronavirus charities in this time of need.

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