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Hasan Minhaj Has An Update For Patriot Act Fans

And it's not good, for the show watchers at least.

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Netflix’s Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is one of the best comedy/political shows out there! And it’s won’t be wrong if we say Netflix struck gold with this one. Moreover, people were really looking forward to volume 6 of the show, but recent updates by Hasan Minhaj don’t look promising.

Minhaj’s announcement on Twitter

Hasan Minhaj recently went on twitter to give some heartbreaking updates. He said:

I know a lot of you have been reaching out to me asking when Patriot Act is returning, and unfortunately, because of the global pandemic that is Coronavirus, we have had to halt production and postpone our premiere date.

This announcement of production delays left many hearts broken, and why wouldn’t it? Currently, we do not have a premiere date for the show, and it looks unlikely that we will for some time. Volume 6 was set to air on the 29th of March, but for now, we’re all in the dark.

Patriot Act is loved by fans all around the world, especially ‘desi’ audiences from India and Pakistan who love Hasan Minhaj’s relatable humor. But, he had some reassuring news too. He further said:

But don’t worry. We will be coming back. Our staff – we are all home, and safe, and with our loved ones. But in the meantime, I’m gonna continue doing videos. I’ll be answering your guys’ questions, so please leave deep cut questions below. And I promise the video will be funny, and informative, and I’ma keep that heat on my feet.

After that, his wife focused the camera on his embarrassing crocs, giving the fans something to cheer about. Unfortunately, this is very sad news but at least the fans will still have some content to look forward to. But the important thing is that everyone over at Patriot Act, including Hasan Minhaj himself, is exercising social distancing. It is the need of the hour!

Social Distancing is the need of the hour

Hasan Minhaj himself joking said to his wife at the start of the video:

Babe, are you six feet away? Okay, cool.

As terrifying as social distancing is, it is what we need as a civilization to combat Coronavirus. If we don’t adopt it, then, unfortunately, it might result in the deaths of millions. Saving their lives is far more important right now, and it’s good that Hasan Minhaj, and everyone else working on Patriot Act, is responsible in this regard.

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