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James Charles gets praise from Jeffree Star | End of feud?

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Remember last year when we weren’t freaking out over Coronavirus. Rather, everyone on the internet was losing their minds over the infamous James Charles X Tati Westbrook drama. One in which Tati exposed James Charles for his problematic behavior and personal betrayal to Tati. That drama led to the beauty community taking sides. A close friend of James Charles, Jeffree Star actually ended up taking Tati’s side. However, the drama did ultimately end where James cleared up his side of the story and apologized to Tati. Tati and Jeffree Star both shared videos where they stated they were done with the drama and would not like to fuel it further. Now, it seems like Jeffree Star is finally ready to be friends with James Charles again!

Jeffree Star praises James Charles makeup work on Twitter

Jeffree Star is having an interesting time during the quarantine. From getting to see ducks to sending money to those in need, he is making the most of his time. Now, James Charles recently did a collaboration with influencer Charlie D’Amelio. James Charles did her makeup in two YouTube videos. Charlie had one up on her channel and James had one on his.


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Charlie shared the tweet on Twitter and got a response from Jeffree Star himself:

Jeffree Star Likes James Charles work

Jeffree is in awe of the work and claims that James Charles has ‘killed it’.

To quote Keemstar’s reply on this Tweet, ‘AWWWWWWWWW’!

Fans went crazy when they saw Jeffree Star’s tweet, with most of them praising Jeffree Star’s move:

Jeffree James Fan

Damn right!

Jeffree James Comment

Yes, we’re all here for positivity and removing toxicity on the virtual realm and the beauty community of YouTube!

Fans love James and Jeffree Back

Quarantine has not been easy on any of us, but Jeffree Star really did tweet out in support of James Charles. Many fans approve!

Fans love James and Jeffree

All in all, people are really happy to see this!

Has James Charles responded yet?

Publicly, James Charles has not given out any response to this heartwarming gesture. But he might have said something to Jeffree personally. He might be wanting to keep things private because this whole feud did certainly take a toll on him. James has stated that he was feeling depressed and suicidal when this Tati Westbrook drama unfolded.

Though, things seem to be okay in the beauty community for a while. That’s what we really need during the coronavirus pandemic and panic!

I hope the two beauty gurus can go back to this:


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