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Shane Dawson is freaking out over Coronavirus!

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YouTuber and Glam Diva Shane Dawson is freaking out over the COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). Shane Dawson has battled with mental health issues before. And those issues lead him into a dark place and cause him to have eating disorders. These eating disorders result in him gaining weight. And so he has. A few days ago, Shane posted a tweet on how he was spiraling out of control because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

After this tweet, Shane posted a detailed Instagram Story on his account telling his fans how it is all going to work out fine. He also mentioned that he himself was getting anxious by the hour.

Shane Dawson opens up about the mental effect of Coronavirus on him

So, as Shane Dawson is spiraling over it. He still goes to his fans and reassures them.

Like it’s still real, it’s still happening, you can be anxious about it. I am. You don’t have to pretend to be like “Oh it’s a joke, it’s all funny.” No, real people are being affected by this, we could all be affected by this, we all are affected by this in a lot of ways already.

The 31-year-old YouTuber knows that we often try to laugh off situations like the Coronavirus. He himself, in his latest video on Shane Glossin’ “Addressing My Weight Gain“, joked about the Coronavirus. So, a few days ago, once Shane realized the gravity of the situation, he thought to let it all out to his fans.

I made a joke about the coronavirus in the last video. We filmed that weeks ago, and even just two days ago everything felt different. So today I woke up feeling really weird and paranoid, really anxious, I’m sure you’ve seen the news, it’s really scary right now.

He goes on to say;

‘I just want to say if you’re paranoid and anxious and freaking out, it’s okay. I am too and I feel like it’s kind of like if you start freaking out, people around you are like, “Calm down.”

Lastly in his story, Shane Dawson mentions that if he is not active on social media, that’s okay. Cause he knows that he is not the only one who is alone.

If I’m quiet on the internet for a while, it’s just because I’m spiraling but maybe you are too, and maybe we’re spiraling together and that’s a nice thought.

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