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Kim Kardashian Blasts Taylor Swift On Her ‘Famous’ Leaked Call Response

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A couple of days ago, the internet users were shook when Kanye West & Taylor Swift call was leaked. This reignited an old feud, that’s not going to end any sooner. Both Kanye West & Taylor Swift have an on-again-off-again friendship that basically started with a public stunt Kanye pulled at VMAs 2009. Taylor was just 19 years old at that point. The feud was started by Kanye West. And seems like Kim Kardashian wants to have the last word to possibly ‘end’ the feud. However, blasting Taylor Swift and calling her a liar would not end the scandal at all because that’s not how the universe works. Both Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian stayed silent after the leaked call video went viral. Both were accused of liking shady posts. But just a few hours ago, Taylor Swift responded to the leaked call. And Kim Kardashian did not like it at all.

Taylor Swift responds to the call

Since everyone was asking for it, Taylor Swift has finally responded to the leaked call scandal. But her response is not what people were expecting. She has directed her fans to focus on the current major issue at hand, that is, dealing with Coronavirus. Taylor posted on her Instagram stories, urging her fans to donate for WHO & Feeding America.

Taylor Swift


In her own way, Taylor Swift has also indirectly addressed the Kanye West infamous call, claiming it was illegally recorded and edited by ‘someone’ [read Kim Kardashian] to frame her.

Kim Kardashian claps back at Taylor’s response

Kim Kardashian might have been busy promoting her businesses and alliances these days. However, she was aware of what’s going around on the internet. That’s why she posted a detailed thread on Twitter and Instagram stories, clapping back at Taylor Swift’s response directly. She even tagged Taylor Swift in her posts. (please read from bottom tweet to top one).

Kim Kardashian Blast

Kim Kardashian

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After her response, KimKardashianIsOverParty has started to trend again on Twitter. In fact, the internet is divided into two teams: Team Taylor Swift & Team Kimye. But seeing the trends, it seems like Team Taylor Swift has more fans. Though Kim claims Kanye did nothing wrong, Taylor’s fans beg to differ.

While Taylor & Kim have shared their thoughts on “that call”, Kanye West is still silent.

Is it really the end of the decade long feud? What are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s & Taylor Swift’s responses? Let us know in the comments below.

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