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Does Brad Pitt Owe Angelina Jolie Money?

Like the divorce wasn't bad enough.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were the most famous couple of Hollywood. When Angelina filed for divorce, it literally broke millions of people’s hearts. So much so that people started to lose faith even in the concept of marriage. But, divorce and breakups aren’t the same for rich people as they might be for us. And, it seems like in their case, she even loaned money to him recently!

Brad Pitt’s charity gets a class-action lawsuit!

According to reports from The Sun, his charity Make it Right is facing a class-action lawsuit from New Orleans residents! He made this charity way back in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina devastated the surroundings of New Orleans. These residents bought houses and properties from Brad Pitt’s charity, but things didn’t stay rosy for long.

These homeowners recently complained about the sub-standard constructions of their homes. These included leaky roofs, molds, and rotting walls. So much so, that some have sued the charity for suffered illnesses too. Ron Austin, a lawyer from Louisiana is suing Make it Right on behalf of Francis and Jennifer Decuir, on suffered illnesses and infrastructural damages. Since the damages seem obvious, things might not be looking good for Brad Pitt. But no worries, because Angelina Jolie came to the rescue!

A generous loan by Angelina Jolie’s foundation

The Sun got a hold of Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation (MJP)’s recent tax returns and found out that MJP loaned $500,000 to Make It Right. Adding to that, it’s a zero-interest loan. Seems like Pitt owes his wife a lot!

Now, even though MJP might still have Brad Pitt’s name in it, that’s about his only contribution to the charity. He hasn’t donated a single cent to MJP ever since Jolie filed for divorce in 2016. She has donated almost $2.5 million of her own money to MJP since the divorce. Moreover, MJP also donated almost $5 million to Pitt’s Make It Right between 2007 and 2009, for hurricane Katrina’. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Angelina Jolie did loan money to Brad Pitt. However, it’s not something new for the couple. The two have regularly used loans to manage their divorce too.

It was always sad to see Brad and Angelina part their ways. But, it’s kind of reassuring to see they still have each other’s backs in difficult times. We hope they manage to be this civil, especially for the sake of the Children!

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