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Nicki Minaj Blames Kylie Jenner for Losing No. 1 Spot to Travis Scott

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Nicki Minaj is absolutely furious now that her album Queen has lost the number 1 spot to Travis Scott. She has expressed her disdain all over social media platforms. And even dragged Travis Scott’s girlfriend Kylie Jenner and their baby daughter Stormi into it.

It seems that Nicki Minaj is unable to to handle the number 2 spot. Now that Travis Scott’s Astroworld in number 1 in the United States, Minaj is aiming at Kylie Jenner as being responsible for it’s success. In a series of rants on Twitter, she suggested that it was Kylie Jenner’s massive fan following behind Travis’s profile.

Nicki Minaj said that she poured her blood and sweat in writing her new album. But all it took for Travis Scott to be more successful was Kylie Jenner’s update asking people to come see her and Stormi in his next tour. She further added that Queen was number 1 in 86 other countries. And she was very thankful to her fans for it.

In another tweet, Nicki Minaj expressed her outrage on another one of Kylie Jenner’s promotion posts. Recently, Kylie made a post on Instagram linking fans to Travis’s online store. And apparently, Scott was able to sell 50,000 units only because of it. The Queen rapper also added that she spoke to Travis Scott, and he knows he does not have the #1 spot this week.

Nicki Minaj even expressed that Spotify was not favoring her album. And all because they wanted to teach her a lesson for releasing it early. Now that the service has taken her promotion away, she believes the situation is more complicated by Kylie Jenner promising to introduce Stormi to fans on the Astroworld tour.

Now that Nicki Minaj has expressed her indignation for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, not everybody is buying her rants. A lot of fans replied to her tweets telling her that Astroworld was better than her Queen. And that Travis Scott himself has a huge fan base which could be behind his success.

Kylie Jenner also played a Golden Goddess in Travis Scott’s album. It definitely added to its success. Fans are waiting for Kylie or Travis to respond to Minaj’s tantrums but it seems that a response may never come.

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