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Coronavirus Scam | Do Not Download These Fake COVID-19 Apps

Once downloaded, the hackers can get access to your Android phone and demand ransom to get rid of it.

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BEWARE all Android users. A Coronavirus scam is in works and it can cost you a lot. Some hackers are cashing in on the pandemic and making you download fake COVID-19 apps. Once installed, the hackers gain access to your smartphone and demand a ransom in Bitcoin.

What is the Coronavirus scam?

As the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic locks every one down at home, mobile phones and tablets become our only connection to the outside world. The current situation is ideal for cybercriminals and they’ve already started cashing in on it.

The past few weeks have seen a rise in cybercrime related to COVID-19 tracker and information applications. However, most of these are not legitimate and these fake Coronavirus apps are infecting users’ Android phones. Upon installation, hackers gain full control of your Android smartphones and ask for a fee in Bitcoin ranging from $100-$250. Failure to comply with the terms results in blackmailing or losing your precious data.

Numerous applications of this sort have been found so far. The good news is, they aren’t available for download over the Google Play Store. Culprits send download links via messages and emails to lure in the victims. The following are some names that are causing the most devastation

  1. Covid 19 Tracker: This fake app locks the Android device and asks for a fee/ransom to give the control back to the owner.
  2. Coronavirus: It gains control of all your banking information and SMS through the infamous trojan, Cerberus.
  3. Corona 1.1: The fake app uses Samsung Health’s icon as its feature image and hacks all the personal details like banking information, messages, and media.

Protect yourself from the scam!

According to cybersecurity and online antivirus app Avast, there are a few ways to protect yourself from attackers. One option is to download apps from well-known and established websites. Secondly, use portals like Play store to install such apps. These steps will reduce the risk of being attacked by malicious software.

Android devices are the most likely target of these hackers. Make sure to get a second opinion or do a little research before downloading or installing any app. Dankanator will keep you updated on the subject.

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