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Kylie Jenner Deceives People With Vogue No Makeup Cover

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American reality television star- Kylie Jenner has finally made her Vogue debut this month. She appeared on the cover for Vogue Australia‘s September issue. But her appearance has stirred a huge controversy on social media.

Apparently, Kylie Jenner graced the Vogue cover with a fresh-faced look. The newly revealed magazine cover claims to have Kylie’s makeup-free look. Her makeup artist, Ariel Tejada duly wanted her look to be credited to her. But in an Instagram post, she added that it was just moisturizer used on her.

Considering that Kylie Jenner is the billionaire business woman behind Kylie Cosmetics, the Vogue cover raised serious suspicions. In fact, in the interview for this cover, Kylie Jenner herself revealed her love for her own makeup products. And that she never leaves her home without lipstick. Fans have started wondering if the model has taken a picture actually wearing no makeup? Or is it just a fresh-faced look created from makeup itself. But one thing is for sure, Kylie Jenner did remove her lip fillers before getting herself photographed for the magazine.

In the Vogue interview with Kendall Jenner, Kylie added that previously, she got injections and fillers for her lips because of her insecurities. In reality, her makeup line initiated as a consequence of her obsession with fuller lips. But after having Baby Stormi, she feels differently about beauty. And that she is trying to love herself more.

Is Kylie Jenner Actually Wearing No Makeup?

Ever since the Vogue cover and the ‘no-makeup’ claims came out, Kylie Jenner has received a backlash on social media. While some people applaud her for purity and simplicity, a larger lot does not believe that the makeup mogul is all natural.

Fans took their feelings to Twitter commenting on whether the cover is makeup free for real.

Kylie’s No-Makeup Deception Raises Insecurities?

Apparently, Kylie Jenner went makeup free on her new Vogue cover because she was teaching everyone to love themselves. And fight their insecurities to be what they naturally are. But is her picture on the cover doing what it intended?

It does not seem that by Kylie Jenner’s makeup free look is actually makeup free. In fact, it’s more of a ‘natural makeup look’. It’s apparent with her micro-bladed eyebrows and extended lashes. Kylie Jenner recently shared a picture of her real skin covered in freckles. But since none of them are visible in her photo shoot, it’s obvious that the model is wearing layers of foundation.

Wearing makeup and still claiming to be natural is just raising false expectations and unrealistic beauty standards in women. Especially young girls who are fighting skin problems every day. Instead of accepting her freckles to prove that being beautiful does not come with flawlessness only, Kylie Jenner is doing the opposite. Considering the fan following she has, she is in a perfect position to make positive impacts. Rather, her Vogue appearance giving people more insecurities. And adding the pressure of looking that perfect if you have to go makeup-free. It’s rather shameful that with her no-makeup claims the model is promoting unrealistic beauty ideals.

It would have been a lot better if only Kylie Jenner could have claimed that it was a minimal makeup look rather than going for absolute natural.

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