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Westworld Shows Game Of Thrones Character Was A Host!

A crossover no one could have imagined! *SPOILERS ALERT*

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Westworld has pretty much taken a fresh start since season 3. However, that fresh start took an unexpected turn! We just saw a Westworld and Game of Thrones crossover no one could have imagined in season 3. And what’s even more interesting, is that we found one of the Game of Thrones characters was a host!

A Westworld and Game of Thrones Crossover!

Westworld’s Season 3’s second episode aired this Sunday, and it had a lot of surprises in store for us. Around the 39 minute mark of the episode, Bernard and Stubs (played by Jeffrey Wright and Luke Hemsworth) were walking around in the labs of the park. Seeing the labs in Westworld still functioning even after the entire fiasco at the end of the second season surprised Bernard. “I thought the parks were shut down?” Bernard asked, to which Stubs said, “They are. These techs are just waiting to see if they get laid off”.

Now, when they were passing by one of the glass walls in the labs at Westworld, we saw two familiar faces from Game of Thrones. It was David Benioff and D.B. Weiss! They were wearing typical gloves and coats, just like lab techs do in the park. They had the following conversation:

Weiss: “I got a buyer”
Benioff: “What?”
Weiss: “Some startup in Costa Rica”
Benioff: “How the f*** are you gonna get that to Costa Rica?”
Weiss: “In pieces, man”

Westworld Shows Game Of Thrones Character Was A Host!

D.B. Weiss then proceeds to take a saw-like object to one of our favorite Game of Thrones characters, DROGON!

Yes, we’re talking about the same Drogon, who was the last surviving child of the mother of dragons and Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen! As it turns out, Westworld implied that Drogon was a host in one of the parks. I swear we’re not making any of this up. You can check it out for yourself:

Westworld Shows Game Of Thrones Character Was A Host!

Who was the genius behind this amazing idea?

We last saw Drogon when he burnt the Iron Throne, took Khaleesi’s body after Jon Snow had killed her and flew off. This is a genius crossover between Game of Thrones and Westworld. This is because it implies that the entire Game of Thrones universe was nothing but a park in Westworld! Moreover, David Benioff and DB Weiss in their cameo were even talking about how they were going to sell Drogon off to someone in Costa Rica in pieces. This is just insane writing, but who’s idea was it?

As it turns out, it was none other than George RR Martin’s idea! In an interview with Variety, Westworld creators Johnathan Nolan and Lisa Joy said that it was George RR Martin’s idea to do a crossover between Game of Thrones and Westworld. Nolan said:

George had consistently since the first season (of Westworld) said, “We’ve got to do a tie-in with ‘Game of Thrones.’”

To which, Lisa Joy further added:

But like a full situation. “Game of Thrones” world, or something!

We know about the absolute genius that is George RR Martin, but props to David Benioff and Dan Weiss too. The two have received a lot of backlashes ever since Game of Thrones ended. So much so, that a petition got over 2 million signatures which demanded the final season to be reshot. Fans will probably not forget that final season, but there’s no harm in having a laugh now, is there? Therefore, we can say that this Westworld and Game of Thrones crossover was a nice quip for the fans. Good job Lisa, Johnathan, and George!

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