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Antman Director Peyton Reed Asked Elon Musk Help For Ventilator Supply

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The director of Ant-Man has turned to billionaire Elon Musk to help out the community during the coronavirus outbreak. People are calling for help from billionaires and celebrities to help out the community. With ventilator resources of the country depleting due to the rising cases in the US, it is becoming harder to cope with the pandemic. Along with the Ant-Man director, figures like Josh Gad and New York City’s Bill de Blasio have also taken to social media to ask help from the entrepreneur.

Will Musk Listen To Ant-Man Director?

The call for action by the Ant-Man director, Peyton Reed, comes after when Musk made a claim. He told on that his company will start making ventilators if there was a shortage. However, we think that Musk has not been following the situation in the country closely. Perhaps he downplayed the severity of COVID-19 coronavirus. So, here is director Reed reminding Musk who he is, when they met and what he wrote on Twitter:

Now, we do not know if SpaceX or Tesla is capable of producing ventilators, it will take some time to shift production if it isn’t. Musk’s recent tweet on the subject indicated that he is working to produce the life-saving machines but remained skeptical about the shortage. Perhaps no one could have foreseen the outbreak of the virus on such a scale. The USA has moved into the third spot in the number of cases, right below China and Italy. While the Trump administration is doing its best to curb the effects of the virus, the AntMan director took this different approach.

Apart from asking the multi-billionaire to work on the issue and supply the machines, the AntMan director cited a firsthand source on the news of shortage. He referenced his wife, a doctor, who could confirm the shortage of ventilators in hospitals. In a further Tweet, he also asked Elon Musk to contribute to supplying other medical equipment.

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