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Love is Blind Jessica and Mark Parody

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Everybody’s been watching ‘Love Is Blind’. The new reality show is making many across the world about the true meaning of love. It is a Netflix original that IMDb rates 6/10. The show follows 30 individuals that talk, fall in love and get engaged all without seeing one another. Where couples like Lauren and Cameron make the audience just awe the whole time, there are other couples that make you question the involved people’s sanity. So, a huge fraction of the Love is Blind followers find Jessica Batten a little too – intense. Well whether you like her or not, she is one of the most entertaining people on the show. YouTubers Matthew and Anthony thought so too. The two have been making parodies on the couples from Love Is Blind. And they are hilarious! We, in particular, enjoyed the one these two made about Jessica and Mark.

Matthew and Anthony make a parody of Love Is Blind’s Jessica and Mark

As most of you may know, Jessica left Mark at the altar. But before that, since the pods, the two had a pretty – odd relationship. So, the parody pretty much highlights the most prominent things out of it. We all remember how obsessed Jessica was with Barnett. The parody is basically Jessica saying she’s 34 and Mark is 24. Also, Mark is not as tall as she would like. One thing in the parody that stands out is that in the video Matthew (playing Jessica) says what we all have been thinking since the day Mark proposed to Jessica.

I’m really pissed that things did not work out between me and Barnett but Mark took me back so…

Well, the show also shows just how much Mark talks about his mother. How much he loves her and all. Although that seems justified as in the end, as Jessica leaves him, he only has his mother’s shoulder to cry on.

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