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Will Coronavirus Make Climate Change Worse?

This could be another bad news for our fragile climate.

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Previously, we talked about how Coronavirus is helping in cleaning the environment. We showed you how the smoke clouds were disappearing from the skies of China. Moreover, even the canals in Venice were cleaner than ever before. However, that doesn’t guarantee that Coronavirus will bring us good news with climate change and Global Warming too. Sadly, that might not be the case.

Carbon Emissions are down – for now!

According to recent research, it seems like global carbon emissions have fallen significantly since the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). BBC reported that Carbon monoxide emissions have fallen by 50%. Moreover, CO2 emissions have also seen a drastic fall. The data collected from New York by researches support the theory that carbon emissions will be at a 12 year low this May in summers!

Will Coronavirus Make Climate Change Worse
BBC Instagram

The reason for this is basically because of the total lockdowns in China, Italy, and other countries. This is a result of closed industries and lesser fuel being burnt. Thus, for now, the environment is getting better. CarbonBrief analyzed that carbon emissions have dropped by 25% in China and Italy because of CoronaVirus. Adding to that, Nitrogen emissions have seen a massive fall too, because of fewer cars on the road. But, this will not last for long.

Three reasons why Climate Change could get worse!

The current rates of emission might seem like good news, but it’s not going to last. COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) might make the fight for Climate Change even worse! This is how:

1. Delay of the Glasgow Climate Summit

This is an International Climate summit between countries that are part of the Paris Agreement. However, the summit is now doubtful even though it’s scheduled for November. This is because environmental policymakers had planned to hold many meetings and conferences in the build-up of the Glasgow summit. With travel restrictions in place ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19, all those meetings now seem unlikely. This will only delay the progress made in the Paris Agreement for Climate Change and Global Warming. But, that’s not all.

2. Boosting the economy after Coronavirus will lead to more emissions!

Will Coronavirus Make Climate Change Worse?
Wikimedia Commons

Once COVID-19 is dealt with, countries will look towards growing their economy. Right now, the world economy is at a standstill. Jobs, growth, stock markets, everything is in lockdown. As soon as things go back to normal, everyone would want to make up their losses. As a result, governments will invest heavily in growth. And chances are, that will lead to more emissions! Above all, China will invest heavily to reopen its factories and industries, and more fossil fuels will burn. Thus, all the progress made during the Coronavirus in favor of climate change will be lost!

3. People aren’t focused on Climate Change anymore

Ever since Coronavirus took over the news, people aren’t even talking about climate change and global warming anymore. Above all, governments aren’t even mentioning it anywhere at all. Now granted, the pandemic is the need of the hour. We have to focus on it immediately to deal with it. But, that doesn’t mean we should put the progress and struggle to prevent climate change aside. We cannot afford to do that!

We must deal with Coronavirus immediately, but we cannot put Climate Change aside. Because of the lockdown, pollution levels and carbon emissions have lowered. This is a time for us to think about our civilization, and do right by it! We can start again, focusing on what’s better for our own health and the environment. We will eventually come out of the Coronavirus with our heads held high, but we must show equal determination to battle climate change too. Or else, the consequences will be disastrous.

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