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Is Bernie Sanders Giving Up On His Presidential Campaign?

The end might be near for Bernie Sanders campaign for the White House.

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Bernie Sanders has always given his best for his Presidential campaigns. However, some recent reports from Bernie’s camp are giving some troubling news. They might be giving up on the US Democratic Primaries, and thus his bid for the White House!

What we’ve heard from Bernie’s camp

For now, reports are coming out that Bernie Sanders might be “reassessing” his campaign. The Senator’s campaign manager Faiz Shakir said this in a statement:

In the immediate term, however, he is focused on the government response to the coronavirus outbreak and ensuring that we take care of working people and the most vulnerable.

But, in a separate statement, Faiz mentioned that Sanders will vote on a Coronavirus relief bill. After that, the team will:

begin holding conversations with supporters to get input and assess the path forward for our campaign.

This, of course, sparked rumors that this might be the end of Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the White House. However, Sanders told the reporters very angrily that he has to deal with a global crisis right now. But, he reassured them about his campaign saying:

There’s not going to be an election for another three weeks. We are talking to our supporters, but anybody who suggests at this point we are ending our campaign is not telling the truth.

Now, we do know the kind of guy Bernie is. He always focuses on his duty, and he has many of them as a Senator of Vermont. Therefore, it’s understandable that he’s pausing his campaign to vote for the Coronavirus bill. However, the circumstances around the 2020 US Elections also changed for Bernie. Which is why it seems like he’s probably giving up on his campaign.

Nothing is rosy for Bernie’s campaign

Is Bernie Sanders Giving Up On US Democratic Primaries

For those who have been following the US Democratic Primaries, Bernie Sanders’ campaign is in a heap of trouble. Joe Biden has taken quite a big lead in the Democratic Primaries. Currently, he sits at a comfortable 1201 delegates, over Bernie’s 896. Biden is only 790 delegates away from clinching the nomination from Sanders. Therefore, you can easily say that things do not look easy for poor old Bernie. Adding to that, recent news has surfaced on social media suggesting that Bernie deactivates his Facebook ads.

Now, we understand that dealing with COVID-19 deserves immediate attention. But, it doesn’t look like Bernie Sanders is just pausing his campaign. He knows that Biden’s big lead can’t be overtaken easily. So, he might be working on the idea of backing Biden as soon as possible against Donald Trump. We all know Bernie always backs candidates from his own party as he endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016. But, that doesn’t stop Donald Trump from starting a fire among the Democrats, does it?

Thus, to keep Trump on the side, Bernie has to endorse someone from his party. And that’ll be none other than Joe Biden. That of course, means Bernie Sanders’ campaign is pretty much dead. For now, everything is going Joe’s way. But, whether that’ll be the case when he faces Donald Trump in November for 2020 US Presidential Elections is yet to be seen.

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