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Edgar Wright shares what you can do to support cinemas

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Cinemas across the globe have been temporarily forced to shut their doors because of the recent coronavirus outbreak. Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of The Dead has written an article to all fans of the big screen, telling them what they can do to support it.

Edgar Wright is a popular director among fans. He is best known for Shaun of the Dead and Baby Driver. Currently, the director is working on his latest project which is set in London. and is called Last Night in Soho. The movie is due to be released in September 2020. But, Because of the panic of the coronavirus breakout, it is difficult to say a definitive release date now. Due to so many productions getting postponed or canceled.

Besides being a successful filmmaker, Edgar is also a fan of theater and the cinema. In his letter, he began on a note directing all his love for theater and the movie art. And towards the end of the article, he continued on to give advice to his fans on how they can help the big screen survive amid the economic breakdown.

What he wrote in his article:

Wright shares how you can offer support to the cinemas and theatres closing down:

“One way of showing your unwavering support is to become a member of your favourite cinema. After you’ve read this, why not buy a membership for yourself, or for someone close to you. Buy some gift cards. Donate where you can. Consider, if you can afford to, not asking for your unlimited subscription to be refunded. Yes, you may not be able to go back in the coming months, but you’ll feel better for having helped now than if you later found your local church of cinema had been forced to close for good.”

As you can see, supporting your local movie theatres and cinemas is that simple. If you are able to, you can buy a membership so that the local business is not closed down.

Edgar Wright further shares that he does acknowledge not everyone can afford to buy the membership but if they are able to, they definitely should. The director urges people to think about the people working in the cinemas that have just lost their job.

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