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Aaron Carter & Melanie Martin Staged The Fight?

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After everything that she went through, we were not expecting to see her back with Aaron Carter. She is not just back, apparently they never broke up. Just a little rewind of the whole scenario so that things start to make sense: Melanie Martin and Aaron Carter are dating for quite some time now. In fact, Melanie left her bartending job, her own living space, and moved in with Aaron. She also moved in her dog, so that Aaron’s own dog can have some company as well. They got tattoos together. Aaron has Melanie written right over his eyebrow, on his forehead. Whereas Melanie never had a tattoo before and she was scared to death. But she still surrendered and got Aaron inked on her arm. And they had a Live Streamed fight. However, now they are back together.

What went “right”?

After the whole fiasco of Aaron abusing Melanie during an Instagram live stream, calling her a cheater, blaming her of sending nudes to old clients from the bar, accusing her of having s*x on a live-cam thing just a few days after they were dating, accusing her of renaming a person’s contact name as Michelle(?), and yeah, telling all the viewers that she was only dating him for his money. She’s still with him.

It does not make sense. Can someone help make it sense-full (if that’s a word). Seems like they are already married and vowed to stay together through thick and thin. It does not matter how Aaron treats her. Melanie Martin has said that herself before leaving his house that she never says anything negative about him.

People were really on her side, and they wanted her to stay away for good. Even she changed her Instagram profile image and used one of her provocative ones as a revenge. Melanie Martin also closed the comments option from her last two images on Instagram. She posted these images after, apparently, leaving Aaron Carter. Not to forget, some sources also reported that their couple OnlyFans account was gone as well. Moreover, some fans got worried after he posted a video.

Aaron Carter & Melanie Martin are still together-together

Yes, they are together. Quarantining, going live and all. Anyways, the latest video started off with Aaron saying:

We are here with nothing but love, peace, serenity, happiness, music making, kicking down trolls, suing people, exposing people, and winning.

In a very humble way, he also requested his fans to enjoy his music and donate. He also addressed Melanie Martin in a humble and sweet way. And ‘accidentally’, showed how she has her picture as the wallpaper when he was actually trying to show the new setup of the home studio. He also showed the new guitars they bought together.

My beautiful wife-girlfriend was nice enough to buy me all these guitars as a gift. So sweet. Melanie is back but we are not together. We are just best friends now. Just kidding.

And then they made out. Melanie did not show her face though. But she laughed and said she is stuck with him for two weeks because they are in a lockdown situation due to COVID-19. They are the quarantine buddies.

Fans Reaction & OnlyFans

Here is how some of the fans have reacted to the whole situation:

aaron carter

Melanie Martin


Meanwhile, the OnlyFans account was gone after the fight. Then it was changed to Aaron Carter official.


But now it’s back to the old name:


The fight was real. And they made up. We do not know who took the first step and who apologized, but the couple seems happy at the moment.

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