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Trevor Noah Now Runs The Daily Show From Home

And all of us will be watching it from... home.

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Trevor Noah has brought a whole new dimension to The Daily Show. When he replaced John Stewart, fans were a bit reluctant. However, he eventually won them over with his incredible talent. But, it’s nothing compared to the change Coronavirus is about to give. Because of the COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) outbreak, Trevor and his team decided to run the show from their own homes!

Social Distancing in motion!

Seems like Social Distancing might be the only way to deal with Coronavirus. This, however, did not stop Trevor Noah from continuing the show. What changed was that now, he’ll be doing the show from the comforts of his Manhattan apartment!

This was a much-needed change, considering the crazy times we’re in right now. The only way we can deal with COVID-19 is through Social Distancing. However, we should still find ways to continue doing our work, and that’s what Trevor did. Except, that he took it one step further and renamed it The Daily Social Distancing Show. In all honesty, it’s a very appropriate name for the times we live in.

Trevor Noah Now Runs The Daily Show From Home Amid CoronaVirus

This is an amazing idea, as the rest of the team will also be joining in from their homes. That includes producers, and other reporters/comedians. At a time when social distancing is a necessity, we have to make do with what we have. And Trevor has found the perfect balance here.

Trevor’s banter is still there

Being bound within the confines of your home doesn’t mean Trevor Noah can’t have some fun. Recently, we saw how people living in Italy in lockdown were singing their hearts out. As a result, Trevor decided to mimic it in Manhattan. But, he didn’t get the response he wanted…

That just perfectly sums up American hospitality, doesn’t it?

To be honest, the studio and the set wasn’t the biggest attraction of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. It was Trevor and his team that make the show what it is. Therefore, for the sake of their safety from Coronavirus, we’re sure many fans won’t mind a few animations being absent. We hope to see more quality content, and that’s about it!

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