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Jared Leto Just Found Out About The Coronavirus

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Jared Leto has made a name for himself. He has performed exceptionally well in the movies as well as in music. Fans still love his music from his 30 Seconds To Mars‘ days. He is still an amazing actor, even though he tanked it as the Joker in Suicide Squad. But, somehow he completely escaped all news of the Coronavirus for the past 12 days!

In the Desert…

As we all know, Jared Leto works a lot on his spiritual self. Meditation retreats, hiking, yoga, etc are a regular part of his lifestyle. This time, however, the timing was a bit odd. This is because while he was gone, utter chaos overtook the world. He announced on Twitter:

For 12 days, he was on a meditation retreat in a desert. Now, of course, it’s very important for your mental health but just think about it. He must have received the shock of his life when he must have heard that the entire world was in the grip of Coronavirus. Although the disease was in the news since December of 2019, there were significant developments in the last 12 days. WHO declared it as a global pandemic, Italy and Iran went into complete lockdown, and the virus keeps on spreading to other counties. No wonder Jared Leto couldn’t believe his eyes at what he was seeing.

Due to so many shocks hitting him at once, he tweeted the same message on Instagram too:

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However, some of the fans didn’t buy it. And they cracked some insane jokes.

Fans react and compare

By far the most popular response to Jared Leto’s situation on twitter was this:

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Indeed, it really was the most ‘Jared Leto’ thing to ever do. However, this entire CoronaVirus business and Jared Leto going AWOL reminded us of an episode from Back Mirror!

Jared Leto Just Found Out About The CoronaVirus
Black Mirror | Netflix

The parallels between this episode of Black Mirror and Jared Leto’s unawareness of Coronavirus is uncanny! And Twitter came up with it, as it always does:

Sometimes, after all, the reality is stranger than fiction. We hope Jared is now back in his senses and is aware of what’s happening with COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) around the world. Many millions need a meditation retreat like him too, especially in trying and testing times like these.

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