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Kevin Spacey’s “Billionare Boys Club” Makes Just $126 on the Opening Day

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The Billionaire Boy’s is Kevin Spacey’s latest movie release as an actor after assault allegations poured against him. Contrary to the title, the movie has just made $126 which is far below a billion. The movie was screened in only ten theaters after it’s release on Friday. The #metoo movement has sent in a wave of deterrence for by setting on one actor, in particular, a precedent: Kevin Spacey.

Billionaire Boys Club Movie

Billionaire Boys Club is based on a real-life club. It’s where the wealthy boys of the rich Californian families got together to make money through the 1980s and fraudulent Ponzi schemes. The crime-drama movie revolves around murders and con-men and Kevin Spacey plays “Ron Levin”, an entrepreneur from Beverly Hills who’s also a con-man.

While the Big Boys Club is based on real-life incidents who’s scandals and death allegations made headlines in news papers and news channels across the globe, the movie that tells us the bizarre story has reached no more than 10 cinema screens with no more than two or three people in the audience. Kevin’s Spacey’s last movie before the assault allegations came tumbling down stole the show as it made $30.8 million on its first day.

Allegations Against Kevin Spacey

The fall after the assault allegations against was pretty much expected but $126 was a figure people double-check details for a typo. A track record of allegations that dates back to thirty years includes an allegation made by Anthony Rapp who claims that Kevin Spacey made a sexual advance toward him in 1986  when Rapp was only 14 while Spacey was around 27.

Roberto Cavazos, Tony Montana, son of actor Richard Dreyfuss and almost thirty allegations against the actor dating back 30 years either claiming some form of sexual advance, sexual behavior or sexual harassment by the actor. Most of the people who’ve come out against Spacey are young minor boys.

When Spacey apologized to Anthony Rapp on Twitter “for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior”, he also admitted to having relationships with men and women and would choose to “now to live as a gay man”. He was called out by people including Sue Perkins and Zachary Quinto for choosing to come out at a moment like this which certainly doesn’t get him a pass for his actions.

The #metoo wave against the actor and Netflix cutting all ties with the actor is a recipe for disaster for the two times Oscar-winning House Of Cards star. The “$126” figure for his Billionaire Boy’s Club is just a cherry on top for Kevin Spacey.

Twitter obviously had a meltdown

People didn’t want Kevin Spacey remotely near a boy

Kevin Spacey… Boy’s club(Source: twitter/keenanford)

In case someone’s annoyed with #metoo

(Image Source: twitter/sibylpain)


This person is not sure if boys and Kevin Spacey should be put together in a club

No boys if Kevin Spacey’s around (Source: twitter/MasOH93)


The Billionaire Boys Club helped unite America according to this tweet

Kevin Spacey vs the American nation (Source: twitter/MeenuKumarr)

Just another twitter meltdown: “I had to reread to be sure”

People are rereading the 126 figure (Source: twitter/Jedigoodman)

Boys and Kevin Spacey: “phenomenally bad wording”


(Source: twitter/sliiicemelon)

The Billionaire Boys Club helped this person feel good about his pay cheque

Billionaire Boys Club: Justice it is (Source: twitter/chuued)

Billionaire Boy’s Club abysmally low performance has established one thing for sure: sexual misconduct will bring about negative consequences. It can go as far as turning a two time Oscar winner into the least bankable actor of all time.

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