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Reese Witherspoon Reveals That She Was Sexually Assaulted As A Minor

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Getting candid about her early days as a child actor, the star shares personal details of her life. Reese Witherspoon stars in Vanity Fair’s April issue and reflected on her sexual assault story she faced as a child in adults’ world. She shared that she was assaulted and harassed and that it was not an isolated event.

Reese Witherspoon Talks About Sexual Assault

Reese Witherspoon started working during her teens when she was subject to sexual assault. Here is what she had to say about this:

“Bad things happened to me. I was assaulted, harassed. It wasn’t isolated. I recently had a journalist ask me about it. She said, ‘well, why didn’t you speak up sooner?’ And I thought that’s so interesting to talk to someone who experienced those things and then judge them for the way they decide to speak about them.”

Witherspoon did not like how the journalist twisted her story to make her seem selfish. She explained how people tend to tell their stories only when they are ready, regardless of time. She added,

“You tell your story in your own time when you’re ready. But the shame that she tried to put on me was unreal, and then she wrote about how selfish I was for not bringing it up sooner. There wasn’t a public reckoning 25 years ago when this stuff happened to me. There wasn’t a forum to speak about it either.”

Reese Witherspoon gave credit to social media for helping people out with their sexual assault stories. She said that the platform created new ways for people to express themselves, something she did not have sooner. She admitted there is great strength in power and numbers.

While a child actor Witherspoon might not have seen brighter days, she now enjoys how she shaped her career. The Big Little Lies actor made impressive strides in career, production, and businesses. She has always stressed upon moving forward in the career based on her work, humor, and intelligence – not her sexuality. Reese Witherspoon stars alongside Kerry Washington in Little Fires Everywhere.

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