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Microsoft makes CoronaVirus counter on Bing

The tech giant are making it easy for you to track the Pandemic all around the world.

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Keeping track of CoronaVirus can be a real hassle. It takes a long time to make sense of the scattered information. However, Microsoft has finally come to the rescue! They have now released a CoronaVirus counter on their search engine, Bing. Its purpose will be to help you get all the virus-related information but in just one window. Let’s take a look at it!

It’s a CoronaVirus Map Counter

The easiest way to track the disease across the world is through a map counter. And that is just what Microsoft did. The tech giants made this interactive CoronaVirus Map Tracker which shows us much more than just the confirmed cases. In addition to the map, we also get to see the number of infected, recovered, and fatalities for each country. This is how the interface looks like:

Microsoft makes CoronaVirus counter on Bing

As you can see, the size of the circle represents the severity of the disease in the country. All you have to do is find your country and the website will display the statistics. But, it gives you more than just cold hard numbers. This CoronaVirus Map Counter will also give you access to related news!

Microsoft puts Bing’s search capabilities to use

Obviously, there are other CoronaVirus Counters on the internet too. However, Microsoft sets itself apart by putting Bing’s search engine capabilities into practice. As soon as you select your country, Bing will display the latest and relevant news about the CoronaVirus in your country on the screen!

Microsoft makes CoronaVirus counter on Bing 2

For the United States, they even display state-wise figures and news. For anyone who wants to stay updated about the Pandemic, Microsoft has provided them with the perfect tool, while using Bing. Basically, they’ve made the perfect go-to place for all news related to the Pandemic.

Bill Gates himself had always feared the arrival of a virus, like the COVID-19. However, it’s the government’s responsibility all around the world to deal with it. All he can do is use his resources in either charity or in making information accessible to the people. Read more about countries that have no reported cases as of now.

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