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SARMs Ban 2020 | Are They Similar to Steroids?

They are similar in some aspects but not entirely the same. Its been labelled as Big Muscle Drug of the year 2020

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SARMs Ban 2020 might take effect amid the performance enhancer’s ever-increasing popularity. This year’s big bodybuilding drug works like steroids and is a “safe alternative” as far as side effects are concerned. The two, however, aren’t the same but both pose life-threatening side effects.

The authorities like FDA are starting to see Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators as a class 3 drug. For the longest time, they were thought to be safer than steroids & other bodybuilding supplements and users can buy SARMs online easily.

However, rumors of SARMs Ban 2020 are surfacing more than ever. The reason is the realization that just like steroids, these come with life-threatening side-effects too. Another reason is the easy access as its not a class 3 drug yet. This means its possession & sale is not entirely illegal and people can also buy SARMs online without hesitation.

According to Donald D Ashley of the FDA, these enhancers can pose harmful reactions.

We are extremely concerned about unscrupulous companies marketing body-building supplements with potentially dangerous ingredients. SARMs are associated with serious side effects. There’s the risk of heart attack or stroke and life-threatening reactions like liver damage.

The implementation of this ban will lead to a shortage of supply. increased demand and increased prices. It will also put a cap to easy access and no one will be able to buy SARMs online with ease.

Difference between Steroids and SARMs

The two work similarly as both influence your DNA and work as a catalyst for muscle hypertrophy. Steroids have more severe side effects in the long run and can harm other tissues and parts of the body. It can cause prostate issues, hair loss, and acne.

SARMs, however, target the desired tissue only but this does not mean it has no harmful effects. They were thought to be safe but research has shown that it is not true. Anything that alters the DNA and natural make-up of the body is dangerous. Heart attack and strokes are some of the side effects of long-term use.

Let’s see if the authorities can control this epidemic this time. Dankanator will keep you in the loop. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments section if it should be banned or legalized?


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