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Aaron Paul Doesn’t Use Smartphones and Computers

And hasn't owned any of these for 10 years either.

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Aaron Paul shot up to unprecedented fame after Breaking Bad. He left an unforgettable mark on TV with his role as Jesse Pinkman. Recently, however, he has started working in HBO’s 3rd season of Westworld, which deals with technology a lot. However, ironically, the Westworld star is not a big fan of technology himself, such as computers and smartphones!

No Phones, No Computers, Less Anxiety

Recently, Aaron Paul talked to the Daily Telegraph in an interview. While talking about technology, he had some interesting things to say about modern tech gadgets. Apparently, he hasn’t owned a single computer or smartphone in 10 years!

He revealed that he has a very lite phone that he only uses for texts and calls. It cost him around $350 and doesn’t even store any apps. He said:

I’m considering going back to a flip phone, but in the meantime, the Light Phone makes calls, stores ten numbers, but there’s no camera, no texting or emailing.

He further added that:

It’s a blessing and a curse to have data control and data collection, but because of that, I haven’t owned a computer in over 10 years.

Moreover, this distance from technology has helped Aaron Paul with his mental health too. He says that it helped him become less anxious and live life to it’s fullest. While talking to the Daily Telegraph, he said:

Honestly I feel like I’ve cracked a code in a way, and I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel. I’m 100 per cent less anxious… I have an honest connection, which is what we all used to have.

Moreover, the star doesn’t even use his basic phone on vacations!

Off the grid on vacations

Aaron Paul didn’t use his phone even on vacations! The couple, Aaron and Lauren Paul went on a vacation on the star’s 40th birthday. During the entire trip, Aaron was on a hiatus from the rest of the world for 10 whole days. He mentioned it on Instagram as well:


He wrote at the end of his Instagram post that:

I had my phone locked away in my room for the entire trip and instead of my phone I had two Dos Hombres Mezcal Pina Colada’s glued to my hands at all times. It was delightful.

By the looks of it, Aaron Paul really has found the Nirvana for living a wonderful life. He is able to live a full life by keeping himself away from smartphones and computers, however, that isn’t practical for much of the world. And it won’t be for him in the third season of Westworld either!

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