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Run This Town | Is it worth watching?

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So, earlier this month, on the 6th, director Ricky Tollman’s ‘Run This Town’ hit theatres. Well, probably not owing to the fact that several cinemas and movie theatres around the world are closed due to the Corona outbreak, IMDb rates the movie 4.6 out of 10. Sheesh! That is not what we expected from a movie with Nina Dobrev in it. Nina Dobrev spent 6 years starring in the hot and suspense-filled supernatural TV Show, Vampire Diaries. The movie also stars Mena Massoud and Ben Platt. Well, irrespective of the rating, the movie is running in theatres for viewers to watch. (Dankanator Team would recommend avoiding public places such as cinemas and theatres until the CoronaVirus is gone. Your health is more important than a movie. Stay Safe!)

Ricky Tollman’s Run This Town storyline.

The crux of the story is the real-life incident of the downfall of the infamous Mayor of Toronto, Rob Fords. With Damien Lewis playing the role of the aforementioned. Other than him, Nina Dobrev and Mena Massoud are cast as Ashley Pollock and Kamal Arafa respectively. The two work alongside Rob Ford on ‘Run This Town’ as they try to keep him on track as Ben Platt’s character Bram Shriver cracks the cases that lead to Rob Ford’s downfall. There are many critics that say the movie follows the true story of Robyn Dolittle and how she brought down Rob Ford.

At the time of the real incident, it was Robyn Dolittle who cracked the cases. Apparently, she is not happy that she is now ignored. According to her, producers are replacing her with a man on purpose. Now Toronto narrates the entire case and mentions Dolittle’s tweet about the casting of Ben Platt on Run this Town.

I’m glad they’re rewriting the fact that it was a female reporter who investigated Rob Ford. Why have a woman be a lead character when a man could do it? Ammaright?

That is cold.

However, producers have said they had no intention of doing something like that.

The movie is overall good for a time pass. There are some moments from the movie that might be considered good but then again, only some.

So, have you watched ‘Run This Town’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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