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How Bernie Sanders plans to deal with Coronavirus

And he has been screaming for it for decades now.

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Bernie Sanders is one of the most popular names in all of America. His campaign for the White House is enlightening millions of Americans. Meanwhile, a major health crisis is going on across the world – Coronavirus COVID-19. It has taken the world by a storm, but Bernie has a plan on dealing with this virus, and Medicare for all is a part of it.

Bernie’s best bet – Medicare for all

Medicare for all is something Bernie Sanders has campaigned in favor of for decades now. He is a progressive candidate and believes in a national health insurance program. Therefore, Medicare for all is his campaign’s cornerstone. Bernie has always spoken against the drug companies because they’re too profit-driven. As a result, medical bills are not affordable for the average American. Bernie wants to put an end to that. Additionally, he has support from Hollywood actors too. That includes Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse too!

He wants Medicare for all, with no premium or bills that covers all health care bills of every American. He does not want drug companies to rip off the average citizen anymore. Drug companies will even try to profit off of Coronavirus testing kits, and that’s why Bernie wants an end to that. But, Bernie’s plan to fight COVID-19 doesn’t end here.

Worker rights

How Bernie Sanders plans to deal with Coronavirus

In dealing with Coronavirus, worker rights play a big role. Many major countries are in total lockdown, and soon that’ll be the case in the US too. Now, during a lockdown, Bernie Sanders believes that the government must ensure that workers get paid. None of the workers are voluntarily at home. It’s COVID-19 that has forced them to do so. Therefore, they deserve to receive 100% of their wage at home. This will help them in paying their rent and bills while they’re forced to stay at home. He made this very clear in his fireside chat on Youtube:

Bernie Sanders is different from the rest!

It’s not just about what Bernie stands for. There is a stark difference between him and the other candidates he has stood against. Elizabeth Warren’s promises were too big and not grounded in reality. Meanwhile, Joe Biden just sells big words and cliched slogans but doesn’t present a comprehensive plan to bridge inequality and improve health care. Donald Trump believes in different ideals entirely which are tried, tested and failed. And above all, all these candidates are part of the status quo. Billionaires and Super PACs fund all of their campaigns, who are responsible for the current mess in America in the first place.

And they’re definitely the least trustable in the midst of a pandemic as severe as COVID-19. Therefore, I personally believe Bernie Sanders may be the safest option that America has in the Democratic Primaries and the US Presidential Elections 2020.

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