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CW’s Riverdale makes no sense anymore

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Riverdale, a show running on the CW and Netflix side-by-side, is loosely based on the original concept of the Archie Novels. So, the show follows Archie Andrews (KJ Apa), Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse), Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) and Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes). Over the last 3 seasons, Riverdale proved itself to be one of the few worthwhile shows with its plot twists and suspense inducing storylines. And that is what attracted such a huge fan-base for the show. It has a 7.1 out of 10 ratings on IMDb which, to compare with the general premise, is quite high. But recently, it just feels like Riverdale makers are just trying to drag the show on. Riverdale just does not make any sense anymore.

Why Riverdale is not all that sensible anymore.

So, in the first season, we started off with the mystery of the Blossom Twins as Jason Blossom disappears. Throw-in some twists with the Serpents and Polly Cooper, you had a season. To be honest, season one was pretty good. And it made you want to actually see more of Archie and the gang. The high-school drama mixed with the exaggerated real-life happenings has never seemed so fun. Even Season 2 of the town of Riverdale’s story seemed good enough. With F.P Jones being a lot more highlighted in the season, his character along with the other parents grew on us. However, season 3 seems to be where the show started going downhill.

In Season 3 of Riverdale, it seems like more of ups and downs and sideways. Riverdale writers cover too many plotlines at the same time. I mean… Murders? Sure. Disappearances? Sure. Pregnancies? Why not. romance? Hell yes. But then Prison Escapes? Elaborate scheming? Writers just turn Riverdale into a town with potential serial killers. Nice.

However, the real nonsense starts with the season 4 teaser. Cole Sprouse’s character Jughead is a beloved part of the main gang of the show. The writers decide to tease what becomes a reason for many bored viewers to continue watching the show. The death of Jughead Jones. Around 13 episodes of agonizingly dragged situations, Jughead is dead! And that right there seems like something that could keep the show running. The next few episodes unraveling the mystery. However, just 1 episode later, Riverdale reveals that he is alive. So, our curiosity and time spent trying to get to that moment, all gone.

So yeah, we honestly think Riverdale has gone down the hills and it may be time for Riverdale writers to call-off the next season. Or perhaps change things up a bit.

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