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The Simpsons Predicted Coronavirus and Tom Hanks Getting it!

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While Coronavirus wreaks havoc in the whole world and causes a global moral panic, something sad happened. A public celebrity that everyone loves contracted the coronavirus. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson tested positive for the COVID-19 virus while they were shooting for a movie in Australia. Since The Simpsons are known to predict the craziest of public events, there’s talk that the show predicted Tom Hanks getting the virus too. Moreover, The Simpsons may have predicted the Coronavirus itself.

The show talked of an ‘Osaka Flu’ which is similar to Coronavirus in many ways

There is a Season 4 Episode 21 ‘Marge in Chains’ episode. In the 1994 episode, we see how mysterious flu spreads to the fictional town of Springfield and causes a panic. Homer Simpson orders a juicer from Japan, and the factory worker there has the flu but doesn’t tell the boss. The germs of the flu attach themselves to the juicer. When Homer opens up the package, he gets the Osaka Flu. The flu then infects all of the city.

The writer of The Simpsons even joked about how they ‘predicted’ Coronavirus:

The similarities are definitely there. Both the Osaka flu and the Coronavirus spread really fast and had flu-like symptoms. There is fever, headaches and high temperature. However, Coronavirus originates from Wuhan China and not Japan.

The mayor of Springfield seemed to be not taking the Osaka flu seriously and that also rings true with how Donald Trump was handling the situation initially. In the first week of addressing the Coronavirus Trump called it a ‘hoax’.

The Simpsons prediction of Tom Hanks Getting Coronavirus

The popular animated series didn’t just predict the Coronavirus but they may have also predicted Tom Hanks getting one. This happened much later. In 2007 movie ‘The Simpsons Movie’, we see Tom Hanks uttering the following lines:

This is Tom Hanks saying if you see me in person, please leave me be.


Yep, Tom Hanks appeared in the movie himself and he might have predicted his own eventual CoronaVirus diagnosis. Health professionals are urging everyone with mild cases of Coronavirus to self-quarantine and self-isolate to keep yourself and everyone around you safe from the Coronavirus. (Here’s a guide by the CDC on how to keep your home prepared).

Hence, Tom Hanks urging you to leave him be could imply that he’s telling you to be safe from the Coronavirus. Moreover, in the movie, we saw that Tom Hanks was used by the American Government to raise awareness over an issue that the public wasn’t taking seriously:

Well, this is a very strange coincidence since everyone started freaking out when Tom Hanks got the coronavirus.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson did post updates on their case and assured the public that they were taking necessary measures and were doing good. As of now, there are only 149,593 cases globally with 73,716 people recovered.

Major sports events such as in the European Football and the NBA have canceled their seasons. Meanwhile, there are world leaders that are contracting this viral disease. Moreover, major movie releases have been delayed and events like Coachella have been postponed. Coronavirus is definitely affecting the whole world right now and we hope there’s a vaccine made soon!
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