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Jimmy Kimmel Shares 5 Stages Of CoronaVirus

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Flipping through the channels, scrolling down the newsfeed, CoronaVirus is all you can see these days. It’s getting on my nerves but people want all the updates they can possibly get. The late-night shows are also filling their segments with news about the pandemic with bits of humor of course.

Jimmy Kimmel’s take on CoronaVirus

During his episode on March 11, 2020, Jimmy Kimmel talked about what everyone is talking about. He started off with the WHO’s announcement that the COVID-19 is officially a pandemic. Casually, he also joked that the disease was spread thanks to Netflix so that they can get more viewers on their website. Talking about Basketball, he said that the NCAA March Madness will happen but without any courtside spectators. But his opinion is that the game should happen without a ball as it will serve as a petri dish for all the germ spreading.

Next, he broke down the five stages of CoronaVirus for his audience. Number one is “Denial”. Explaining the stage, he goes, in this stage, people think that they can’t get the virus as they are neither old nor Chinese, also they are not on a cruise. Number two is “Anger”. In this stage, people are pissed when they see the frenzy created by the public. No tissue rolls on the aisles no spaghetti on the shelves. What has the world come to? Number three is “Bargaining”. In this stage, the people do DIYs. When they can’t find any Purell, they make their own with home supplies. Number four is “Depression”. That is, with all the cancellations of events and shows, it starts getting to you. Number five is “Acceptance” when you realize that it is happening. And well, if you die you might get to meet Prince.

In previous episodes, it was announced that the show will go on but without any audience in the studio. Recent news shows that Jimmy Kimmel Live will stop its production from March 16, 2020, and will hopefully be back on March 30, 2020.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s explanation of the 5 stages here.


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