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Lilly Singh Opens Up About Creating Bawse Book

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Whether it’s conquering Youtube, Hollywood, late-night talk shows or writing a book, Lilly Singh is one Bawse b*tch. She has it all down. From taking you on A Trip To Unicorn Island to bringing you along A Little Late With Lilly Singh, she’s done it all.

However, being a Bawse is not easy. (That’s boss, but in a unique unicorn kinda way). This is why, in case you needed some help, Lilly came out with the ultimate guide to help us. A book called How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life by Lilly Singh.

Now even writing the book was subjected to a few ‘struggles,’ even for Lilly. She went to talk about the process of creating the book and how outdated the publishing industry is on her late-night show.

The Struggles Of Creating Bawse Book By Lilly Singh


She starts off, funnily enough, sharing that although her book is called How To Be A Bawse, by the end of it she wanted to change the name to Vodka Makes Words Happen, it seemed more truthful. So if anyone of you thought book writing is easy, it’s not. But with a little vodka, anyone can be a writer. She also revealed the most difficult part about publishing is to get anyone to read a physical book. I mean, we get it, it’s the era of technology, you have a kindle, that’s enough for most people. I, myself would always go for a physical book. There’s just no charm in reading off a screen. You don’t get the smell of a freshly printed book, or an old one. Either way, the smell is EVERYTHING.

“You don’t know torture until you have to read something you wrote out loud.”

-Lilly Singh, A Bawse.

Lilly Singh shared the process of book writing is super challenging and that’s even before you’ve started writing. Before she started writing her book, she met with a couple of publishers and learned quite a bit about the publishing industry. Mainly that it’s super outdated. She also revealed it took her a year to finish one book.


Catch Lilly Singh’s hilarious take on the struggles of writing a book here.

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