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Westworld Recap: All you need to know for Season 3

A season 2 recap to be prepared for season 3 of Westworld.

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We can understand that Westworld can often be a handful. The show has a complicated plot, with multiple timelines. After all, HBO has a habit of making some really incredible originals. Understandably, some people might find it a bit challenging to keep up with the show. Well, they need not worry because we’re here. Here’s a brief recap of season 2 to help you prepare for season 3!

Is Robert Ford back?

HBO Westworld Recap All you need to know for Season 3
Robert Ford | HBO

We all remember that ending to season 1 when Dolores pulled the trigger on Robert Ford. In season 2, we find out that Robert had Bernard upload his consciousness in a control unit. That unit was later uploaded into the cradle (the cloud where all hosts have their minds uploaded). There, Ford controls all of Bernard’s actions (as always). However, Bernard is eventually able to delete his code from the Cradle. But it seems hard to believe that Ford went anywhere.

What is Dolores up to?

Westworld Recap All you need to know for Season 3
Dolores and Bernard | HBO

Well, after the end of season 2 Dolores gained full consciousness. She did not want to be a part of this artificial world. That is why she deleted ‘The Forge’, which was a place where a host’s consciousness could escape their body. She deleted it because she saw it as another false promise. Therefore, she tries to destroy it and makes her way to the real world.

Now, it was going to be hard for her to escape in her host body. So, she kills Charlotte Hale, after making a host of her. She uploads her mind into that host and leaves the park once and for all. There, at Arnold’s old home, she recreates Bernard and sets off for a voyage in the real world.

What happened to the ‘Man in Black’ William?

William 'Man in Black'
‘Man in Black’ William | HBO

William spent all of season 2 thinking he was playing another one of Ford’s games. But, that wasn’t the case. We got to see flashbacks of his real life, that how his wife committed suicide after seeing his acts. And because of that, his relationship with his daughter deteriorated.

His daughter eventually came back to the park to show his father his true colors. Eventually, though, he ended up killing her thinking she was a host. We then see that William was a part of ‘The Forge’. To top it off, there was a host version of his daughter Emily, running fidelity tests on him. Just like he used to run tests on his father-in-law Dellos’s host. This left the viewers to think that was the ‘Man in Black’ just a host William was using for immortality?

HBO does know how to leave its viewers aching for more episodes.

What is the ‘Forge’ or ‘The Valley Beyond’?

HBO Westworld Recap All you need to know for Season 3

To put it simply, the ‘Forge’ is the place where Dellos has stored all the personalities and data of their guests. It is a massive data-mining scheme and a major breach of the guests’ privacy. The access code to this Valley beyond is embedded in the mind of Dolores’s father, Peter Abernathy. In the end, she had his control unit in his head, giving her the advantage over Dellos. Logan’s own consciousness also rests as an avatar of the system in the ‘Forge’.

This was also the place where the hosts were all headed or in other words the ‘Promised Land’. And Maeve played a big part in it. Speaking of which…

What was Maeve up to?

Westworld Recap All you need to know for Season 3
Maeve | HBO

At the start of Season 2, Maeve went against her code and decided to stay in the park for her daughter. She went through an epic journey, beyond different parks with her team. During that journey, she went through the Shogun park, where she gained the ability to tap into the mesh network. This allowed her to remotely control other hosts! Eventually, she found her way to her daughter. However, she ended up being gunned down by Park’s security. Charlotte Hale had her abilities copied into the host Clementine, who then caused havoc among the other hosts.

Maeve eventually escaped Westworld HQ, and headed down to the door to ‘The Valley Beyond’. All the hosts were being led there by Akecheta. However, she and her associates were eventually gunned down by Clementine’s havoc-creating code. But, she was successful in letting her daughter enter the Valley beyond. So, her sacrifice wasn’t for nothing.

If you want a detailed explanation of the timeline of Westeros beyond the TV show, here’s a video you’d love.

And if you want an in-depth analysis of even more plots of the show, then this article by Esquire could be your savior.

This is the easiest way we can sum up Westworld season 2 in a nutshell. There are some high expectations associated with Westworld season 3. However, HBO’s track record does state that we are truly in for an epic ride.

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