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Rose McGowan Slams Ben Affleck For Allegedly Covering Up Her Rape

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Harvey Weinstein is not exempted from the burden and severity of his actions. In fact, he is now facing the consequences of sexually abusing hundreds of women. Many came out against him but a few took a bolder approach to serve him with a real punishment. One of these brave women is Oscar-winning actress Rose McGowan. Harvey Weinstein has tried his best to brush aside the allegations and prove that Rose is lying. He issued an official statement that denies her rape allegation. And actor Ben Affleck had played a part in helping him cover the incident too. And Rose has even called out Ben for it. Keep reading for details.

What really happened?

According to Rose McGowan, Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein had raped her at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival.  In her just-released book BRAVE, Rose writes about the horrific abuse.

She says Weinstein invited her to his suite in Utah for a one on one meeting about her career. However, upon arriving, Weinstein allegedly pulled her into a room with a jacuzzi. He forced her to strip down and then abused her sexually.

Rose also shares that she immediately shared the incident with actor Ben Affleck. They were at the Sundance festival promoting a Weinstein film they did together. According to Rose, she was shaking when Ben saw her. After hearing about the abuse, he said, “Goddamn it. I told him to stop doing that,” – this implied that he knew about Weinstein’s pattern & history of abuse.

But then Harvey was denying the allegations, an email came to the surface. This email was apparently from Ben Affleck in which he clearly denied knowing of or confirming that Rose’s abuse. Basically, they showed him covering up Weinstein’s actions.

Weinstein’s attorney Benjamin Brafman released the following:

Ben Affleck expressed the following in an email to Mr. Weinstein:

I never saw Rose at any hotel in Sundance. She never told me nor did I ever infer that she was attacked by anyone. Any accounts to the contrary are false. I have no knowledge about anything Rose did or claimed to have done. Accounts otherwise are lies.”

The latest reports reveal that Ben Affleck was on Weinsteins’ red-flag list. According to unsealed court documents, it is a list of people Weinstein kept of people he knew would be talking to journalists in 2017.

Rose McGowan slams Ben Affleck

Recently Rose McGowan responded to a tweet from actor Johnathon Schaech who wrote about Affleck:

“I have a daughter on the way, Please don’t praise a man for doing nothing. Continue to raise up those who created the change.”

To this, Rose responded:

You are right Johnathon. Ben Affleck. I feel sorry for him. It must be so wearying playing a superhero instead of being one. He could have risen.. still can. He was raised at the teat of that toxic intersection Hollywood/Media/Politics. Michael Bay made him shave his teal teeth wood veneers.

Because of the illusion of fame & promise of riches. And he was a chubby kid w/ a dusmorohia disorder in my opinion. But being that we are all sailing the SS Corona and no one at the helm is smart enough to get us out of this neo-pandemic, now would be a good time to spill it Ben.

She further added what he should do.

Here’s what I think you should do- stop the PR machine and just… be real. We all know. Think back on what probably happened to you, decide if you have it in you to be a multi-millionaire that helps break a system by just telling the truth.

And then it gets brutal:

It will set you free and inspire others. Hollywood is a sickness that you can cure. The public can handle the reality.

Ben I know you are a corporate entity, but trust me if you ever do decide to be an irl hero, your stock in being human will go up. We don’t have time for f**kery. Now, go write an open letter to atone to all of us who weren’t worth you considering human, you know, girls.

Pretend it’s a 9th step. Tell the truth. PS Ben, you were a fucking prick when we did Phantoms. An entitled, elitist, fucking miserable, bro a** punk.

And lastly, she called him out simply for being responsible in covering up her rape.

But worse, you were part of the cover up of my rape. Come clean. I was there. I know. So do you. #RoseArmy #BravetheBook
This is intense and horrifying but we applaud Rose McGowan for being so real and calling it out. Among all of this, the good news is that Harvey Weinstein is finally sentenced to 23 years in prison for the heinous crimes.
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