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Contagion writer Scott Z. Burns Calls out Trump amid Coronavirus Pandemic

"Trump has GUTTED our defense", says Burns.

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Scott Z Burns is not happy about President Donald Trump’s measures against coronavirus pandemic and he’s quite vocal about it. Contagion’s writer thinks that the country was in a better position to defend back in 2011. Meanwhile, director Steven Soderbergh’s movie is going viral amid the virus outbreak and everyone is rewatching the movie Contagion.

Burns Condemns the Ineffective Efforts amid CoronaVirus outbreak

Contagion’s writer thinks that President Donald Trump is politicizing the CoronaVirus pandemic for personal gains. Especially, the idea that ‘building the wall at the US-Mexico border will prevent the virus from spreading’ is quite absurd.

The issue isn’t playing games with our borders but how we take care of people now. It’s stunning to me that our administration can’t put out a clear message on how people can stay safe. from CoronaVirus. There’s a video on YouTube of a song they did in Vietnam about hand-washing and how important it is. Why isn’t our government putting out public service messages about how to stay safe? That isn’t that hard.

Scott thinks the country is more vulnerable now

He also believes that US citizens are more vulnerable now and the higher-ups have gutted our defense against coronavirus pandemic.

The country was in a better place to deal with a virus outbreak when I was doing research for “Contagion” than the country is now in 2020. We had a Department of Homeland Security , that had a pandemic-preparedness team in place and there were people who understood how public health works.

Scott also reacted to one particular statement by Trump which said: “I’m a businessman and I don’t like to see people just sitting around.”

I live near a firehouse and those people spend some time sitting around when there’s no fire. You can’t build a fire department once your house is on fire. Unfortunately, this administration has decided that is what it wants to do, and it puts us way behind.

Scott Z Burns is the writer of Steven Soderbergh’s movie on a CoronaVirus-like global epidemic that starts killing people around the world. It stars Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, and Jude Law and was released on 21st October 2011. You can watch Contagion online for free the entire month after paying a subscription fee. It is available on online streaming services like Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play and Cinemax.

There has been no response to Scott Z. Burns from President Donald Trump & his administration yet. Dankanator will update you when that happens.

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