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Canada’s Prime Minister Self-Isolates Amid CoronaVirus Pandemic

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Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. has gone under self-isolation for 14 days. The Prime Minister’s wife, Sophie Trudeau, was not feeling well after her return from a speaking engagement in London.

Sources explained, Trudeau was self-isolating himself at home as his wife was showing flu-like symptoms. She was also waiting for her test results for COVID-19.

Sophie Test results show that she has the CoronaVirus

A statement was released yesterday night by the PMO, mentioning PM’s wife, Sophie, is tested positive for the CoronaVirus.

Sophie Trudeau later released a statement thanking everybody who has reached out to her and sent her blessings to recover soon.

Although I am experiencing uncomfortable symptoms of the virus, I will be back on my feet soon.

She further explained:

Being in quarantine at home is nothing compared to other Canadian families who might be going through this. And for those facing more serious health concerns.

Why The Prime Minister Quarantined Himself?

A source explained that Trudeau is in good shape. He is not showing any symptoms of the virus. But he is staying home just for the sake of precaution. As there is nothing wrong with following the doctors’ advice. And he plans to fully isolate himself at home for the next 14 days (as per the doctor’s recommendations).

The doctors have advised him to carry out his work and daily routine as usual, as he has not shown any signs of the virus. But Trudeau is in that state of mind where he has planned to work from home, through calls and virtual briefings.

CoronaVirus Affecting Canadian Citizens

The Public Health agency revealed that there are more than 100 known cases in Canada of the CoronaVirus. Almost 80% of the affected were travelers and the rest of the 20% were at close quarters with the travelers.

The PMO released a statement that The Prime Minister will be speaking to the territorial and provincial leaders through the phone, to discuss how they are going to combat against the CoronaVirus.

On the other hand, a meeting between the premiers, native leaders and Prime Minister Trudeau was planned to happen in Ottawa. However, it has been delayed because of the coronaVirus outbreak. The main agenda of the meeting was to focus on the impact of the CoronaVirus.

Canadian Premier Of Ontario, Douglas Robert Ford, who already arrived in Ottawa for the meeting (which is now canceled) said in a statement that all Canadians must cooperate in fighting the crisis of the coronaVirus.

He further told in a news conference in the capital:

Moments of urgency require us to put aside our differences, have each others’ back, stick together as a country and reassure the people of Ontario and the people of Canada that we are all in this together “

Stay tuned for more updates on this matter.

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