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Ariana Grande Is Not Pregnant

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The latest romantic power couple has surely been Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson for a while now. It seems like ever since they got together, the two have developed an attraction towards gossip. Rumors, claims, taunts and hate have freely flowed into their lives. And maybe that’s exactly why Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson decided to go on a social media break. (Read full story here)

Crazy Rumors

Recently, Ariana Grande has been targeted with a few absurd rumors. The first one being that she demands her body guards to carry her around. While the pop star did deny it point blank, a few videos of it actually happening went viral on social media. Another rumor directly concerned her relationship with Pete Davidson. This time it was not that the stars have broken up after getting engaged. But it came out that Ariana Grande was possibly pregnant with Pete’s baby. Fans were not letting this one die out. And Ariana Grande herself had to throw some shade at it.

Ariana Clears Things Up

Ariana Grande appeared on an installment of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. During the session, she sang some of her most popular hits including No More Tears Left to Cry, God Is a Woman, Side to Side and Dangerous Woman. Contradictory to expectations, Grande did not enlighten the world with details of her engagement. Rather, she shut down every rumor of her being pregnant. The singer said that it seemed people really wanted her to be pregnant. And they want it so bad that every other day, a whole new pregnancy rumor surfaces.

This was not the first time that Ariana Grande addressed these rumors. Previously, following the speedy engagement to Pete Davidson, many fans predicted that the singer was pregnant. Ariana Grande continuously battled these suspicions on Twitter.

In one tweet, a user remarked that suddenly Ariana was pregnant with 34 kids. Instead of taking offense, she added a hilariously mocking touch saying that she just had 8. When another fan stated that Ariana was pregnant, she once again added a brilliant response.

It seems that the relationship between Ariana and Pete was going so fast, fans had to make speculations. But these would be the exact situations that make Ariana Grande search for some privacy.

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