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Lady Gaga Requests Kindness From World Amidst CoronaVirus

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After Cardi B’s take on CoronaVirus, Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) has also jumped the bandwagon. However, she is not questioning the government or making very useful, but still hilarious jokes about the pandemic. In fact, Lady Gaga kept it to the point. The CoronaVirus Pandemic has turned the whole world into an economic disaster. The businesses are facing troubles, Hollywood is suffering from a huge loss due to delayed releases, festivals are being canceled. That’s not all, there is something rising other than the virus. It is inhumanity, hatred, and racism. In fact, many people are scared. And instead of caring about the affected ones, people are literally running away from everything. Lady Gaga has noticed it. And she wants the world to change its behavior.

Lady Gaga requests kindness

In a comprehensive and concise statement, Lady Gaga has urged her fans to spread kindness. In fact, she highlights that it is the perfect time to be kind. She insists to be kind to the people infected with CoronaVirus. As well as, the people who are scared of it.

Now it’s as important as ever to be kind. For those who are sick, or those who are not and are scared. We’re in this together. I love you world.

Whether the world accepts it or not, almost everyone is scared of the virus. Even if we are all busy in our routine life, we still wonder about what would happen next.

Earth is not canceled anymore?

Lady Gaga’s kindness request comes almost 2 weeks after she canceled the Earth in a tweet. So, now it turns out that the earth is not canceled anymore.

Lady Gaga

There is no denying the fact that she canceled Earth due to her latest track, Stupid Love. And the message behind the song. But it fits the CoronaVirus situation as well.

Spread kindness, pray for the world.

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