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NBA Season Halted as players diagnosed with Coronavirus

Coronavirus has infected NBA Basketball pretty badly.

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Recently, the NBA took a massive blow due to Kobe Bryant’s death. The fan base and association itself felt the passing away of the icon in their core. But sadly, the bad news hasn’t stopped yet. Coronavirus COVID-19 has also infected the NBA and its players. A few players have tested positive, and since then the NBA has decided to suspend the league. Here is what has happened.

Rudy Gobert contracts Coronavirus

A few days ago, Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz pulled a stunt where he touched microphones with his hands in a press conference. That was his way of mocking COVID-19. Not only that but he also carelessly touched everyone’s belongings in the dressing room. Unfortunately, he tested positive for the disease. He has apologized since then, but it set the NBA on high alert.

Ever since then, Donovan Mitchell is his only teammate who has also tested positive. He has come out with a statement, saying:

We are all learning more about the seriousness of this situation and hopefully people can continue to educate themselves and realize that they need to behave responsibly both for their own health and for the well being of those around them.

The League Responds

After Gobert’s test, the NBA suspended the match between Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder. However, in order to contain the spread of the disease, they suspended the league altogether.

This is a very wise decision because canceled events actually help in containing the disease. It doesn’t really reduce the number of people that contract the disease. However, it does help in containing its spread and making it gradual. This prevents hospitals from being flooded. And that is quite important at the time when medical facilities are hard to get. So far, the NBA is yet to announce what it intends to do with the remaining NBA schedule and games. But one thing is for sure, they’re not more important than human lives.

As we wrote recently, European football has taken a massive hit by Coronavirus. This pandemic is really disrupting our way of life. And it is important that the NBA takes responsible steps to contain the spread. After all, human lives matter way more than ticket sales.

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