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Coronavirus Has Shaken European Football

And it looks like it could be getting worse.

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Football is the most loved and watched sport in the world. And European football is indeed the pinnacle of all the competitions in the world. However, the world is in the grip of an unprecedented global pandemic – Coronavirus. There are a total of 132,000 infected people around the world, with almost 5000 dead. And sadly, European Football is taking a severe hit.

Italian Serie A: The most affected

Coronavirus has shaken european football

Things are especially bad in Italy. The entire country is in total lockdown because of its aged population. Coronavirus has infected almost 15,000 people and killed more than 1000 in Italy as of yet. Understandably, it also took its toll on the Italian league, Serie A.

As of right now, Serie A has been suspended indefinitely. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has suspended all the remaining games of the season. As if that wasn’t enough, Daniele Rugani has also tested positive for COVID-19. Rugani is a player for Juventus F.C., which is the most successful club in Italian history. Things are so bad in Italy right now, that even wealthy footballers aren’t safe from this pandemic.

La Liga: Real Madrid Quarantined

Coronavirus has also affected Spanish Football. Spanish league, La Liga, has also been suspended, with Real Madrid C.F. in quarantine. As we all know, Real Madrid is the biggest club in European Football, with 13 European titles. But that success couldn’t save them from the Coronavirus.

The club announced that one of the basketball players tested positive. As a result, the entire club, along with the football team, is in quarantine. It really sounds like this is something from the movies or a video game. But it is as real as it gets. Coronavirus is affecting every part of our lives, and the English Premier League is no different.

English Premier League in caution

Arguably the most famous football competition of the world isn’t safe from COVID-19 either. Firstly, the FA suspended Arsenal’s game with Manchester City. This was because they came into contact with Olympiakos F.C.’s owner, who tested positive. And recently, the club just announced that their newly appointed manager, Mikel Arteta, tested positive. This is horrible news! But that’s not all.

Coronavirus has shaken european football
Mikel Arteta | Arsenal Manager

Leicester announced that 4 of their players started showing symptoms of COVID-19. Since then, those players are in isolation and the club is taking precautions.

Moreover, the Champion’s League tie between Manchester City’s and Real Madrid has also been suspended. This was because of the quarantine over at Real Madrid, as mentioned above.

Additionally, Manchester City player Benjamin Mendy is in self-isolation. This was because one of his family members tested positive. The worst part was that he was over at Old Trafford, playing Manchester United last weekend.

Things are really getting out of hand in Europe. All these elite competitions are in serious danger because of COVID-19. In addition to that, these games attract large crowds, which means the virus could spread to many others too. Therefore, it would really be in the best interest of everyone to simply suspend the entire season altogether. Human lives have more significance than profits after all.

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