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Trevor Noah Receives Backlash Over Comparing Imran Khan to Donald Trump

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The Daily Show host – Trevor Noah has once again attracted his share of criticism. This time only because he compared the newly elected Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to American President Donald Trump.

During the show, Trevor Noah commented on the media coverage provided to Imran Khan. He said that it seemed like they were listening to a tanned Trump. Noah even mentioned that Imran Khan’s residency would be the ‘Pakistani Trump Tower’. The comedian said that he was not saying Imran Khan was the brown Trump, but that he could be another leader who is following the format of the very hit Trump Presidency.

To mention some of the similarities between Imran Khan and Donald Trump, Trevor Noah mentioned how Trump acted in the Pizza Hut advertisement while Khan has been doing the same for Pepsi. Three marriages in the tabloids and sexual harassment scandals followed in Noah’s list.

At the end of the segment, Trevor Noah took another hit at the Pakistani leader. He urged everybody planning on leaving America to avoid President Trump to steer clear of Pakistan as well. Once again implying that Prime Minister Imran Khan might be somewhat of a Trump model.

Noah Trevor soon made it to the headlines in almost every country of the world. Political critics, Trump haters, and Imran Khan supporters together slammed the comedian for his comparisons on the show.

Is Imran Khan another Donald Trump?

If one takes a thorough look politically, Imran Khan and Donald Trump do have a lot in common. Both the leaders did use populism to get elected into office. But then again, they had their differences right in their approach. To Trump, his enemies were the Mexicans and the Muslims. But Khan was trying to eradicate the already present corrupt leaders from Pakistani politics. While both leaders stressed on populist leadership, their election campaign messages were nowhere even close. Donald Trump based everything on racism. Whereas Imran Khan was allegedly fighting previous Pakistani leaders like Nawaz Sharif who were apparently toxic and corrupt for the country.

Even when Donald Trump and Imran Khan were both rich celebrity playboys entering into politics, their stories are different. President Donald Trump was just a reality television star. But Imran Khan was known for his struggles for Pakistan. Despite being a legendary cricketer for the country, he was a national icon of patriotism in society. President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Imran Khan had major differences in their popularity graphs while they campaigned for the national elections.

Not just that, but both the leaders have had different lifestyles throughout. And even now. All Trevor Noah did was pick out some baseless details on having golden furniture, and having married thrice to claim that the leaders were alike. Just because Imran Khan and Donald Trump used similar methodologies to pave their way into office, it does not imply that both the leaders are alike as humans. Or that the newly elected Imran Khan will follow Trump’s administration leads.

Are Trevor Noah’s Comparisons Baseless?

Trevor Noah probably did not realize that his segment was just a joke with no context. The Daily Show has previously been known for satirical well-researched political content. But it looks like Trevor Noah is more with comedy and less with the research. His comparison between Donald Trump and Imran Khan did stress on how little Noah researches before picking on someone during the show. And his segment indicated that maybe he read about Imran Khan’s life on Wikipedia and carefully filtered his life to match that of Donald Trump.

By the looks of it, it seems that Trevor Noah just made a meaningless comparison for the sake of comedy. But is it okay for a highly popular satirical show on politics to compare Imran Khan- a third world country leader to the leader of the first world country- President Donald Trump? And that too on the basis of some shallow details? If anything, his comparisons seem like a joke too stretched. To a lot many, Trevor Noah’s segment has been nothing but offhand journalism and pathetic humor combined on television.

What Is Trevor Noah Trying To Do?

Considering that ever since Jon Stewart exited the Daily Show, ratings have gone down considerably. Jon Stewart was fairly popular on the show. And well-known for his remarkably research political arrays given the comedic bits. It seems like show has certainly suffered after his successor Noah Trevor took over. Maybe, by sparking a comparison like that between Imran Khan and Donald Trump, Noah attempted to get as many views as he could. For surely, his segment has had reactions from everywhere in the world- be it America, India, Pakistan or the Gulf Countries.

Amidst all this, another definite thing is that comedian Trevor Noah is no stranger to controversies. In fact, ever since he became the host on Daily Show, he has ignited so many such discussions and received major backlash from the public. Only recently, his racist and derogatory comments on Aboriginal Women in 2013 earned him some public disrespect. Other than that, Noah also recently made a joke on France winning the World Cup. He implied that since most of the players were African, it was Africa who secured the victory. Trevor Noah’s comments were not appreciated and he is still finding it hard to defend himself.

It seems that fueling up such discussions and gathering criticism in the name of popularity and especially comedy is habitual for the Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

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