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Conan O’Brien Shares CoronaVirus Tips With Team Coco

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American host Conan O’Brien has created a video on coronavirus, sharing tips on how to keep yourself safe from it. The host takes a very serious issue and tackles it using humor to inform people in a light-hearted way while making them laugh. We’ll tell you all his tips right here. Just keep reading.

Conan O’Brien shares CoronaVirus tips

The video starts off by Conan saying how so many people are concerned about the coronavirus. And some people are even starting to panic. Humorously he adds that’s why he is here, he emanates “calm and reason”. So he’s going to share tips in this situation too.

He mentions that if you are working in an office, there are many ways the disease can spread. David Hopping came too to demonstrate how the upcoming tips. The first health tip is to avoid physical contact. Conan also shows us how to implement this through a very funny interaction. David tries to go in for a handshake.

Conan: No, I don’t want to shake your hand you might have the coronavirus.

David: I’m pretty sure I don’t.


Then comes another idea. Conan suggests making any physical contact by using tools in your hand called ‘grabbers’. He passes David a Kleenex using it in a very funny manner. And even takes milk out of the fridge using it. He even gives his assistant a massage using the grabbers.

More health tips

The next tip is to protect your face and unfortunately, surgical masks are in short supply right now. As an alternative though, he hands an alien-face rubber mask to an assistant.

Just wear this until the coronavirus is gone.

He hands different costume masks to everyone.

Conan also has a hand-washing song which goes like this:

“You can slip and fall while you’re holding a sword

You can crack your skull on driving board

You can drown in a tub or a lake or a swimming pool

You can eat a poisoned birthday cake

You can die from the venom of a common snake

You can choke on a carrot in the cafeteria beef stew


Because there are so many things that can kill you

Besides Corona.”

You can watch the full funny video here. We all need to calm down and destress amidst all the tension.

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