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What can we expect from the FRIENDS reunion episode

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Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Monica Geller Bing, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay and Joey Tribbiani are truly the making of an untimed series, FRIENDS. They spent 10 years having coffee at the Central Perk and we have been watching them do so for so many years. That is a very long time. Irrespective of generation, preferences, and origin, the show is literally globally loved. So, it was not surprising that when HBO Max announced that they were going to have a FRIENDS reunion special, fans were over the moon! Furthermore, it is expected that the episode will be streaming as soon as HBO Max goes live in May. However, as some may recall, there was an unscripted FRIENDS reunion featuring Rachel, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe. But it was not very well received by fans who wanted an entire reunion movie.

What to expect from the FRIENDS Reunion?

Okay so, one thing we know for sure is that Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Liza Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer are on board. So, that is one thing we know is there; all six of the cast members will be there. It is said that each of the cast is getting paid 2.5 million for the episode.

So, another thing is that if most of you remember from 2020. Many fans shared the video clip of Chandler saying to Emma,

‘Hey Emma, it’s the year 2020. Are you still enjoying your nap?’

So, we do look forward to a grown-up Emma Geller Green. Other than that, Cole Sprouse played Ben. He’s probably going to be into his late twenties. Maybe there will be glimpses of who he turned out to be.

The co-creator of FRIENDS through the series, Martha Kauffman, did an interview a few years ago talking about why a reunion would not work.

The reason is this is a show about that time in your life where your friends are your family. Once you start having a family, that changes. So it wouldn’t be what’s at the heart of the show anymore.

So, well maybe they will have a run-in at the central perk or something. Let us see!

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