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Love is Blind makes Ellen show Debut

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Netflix is focusing a lot more on original productions this year. In the last three months, Netflix has released several original series and movies. One of their February releases was Love Is Blind. This show, released on the 13th of February, follows 15 men and 15 women as they go through dating by a blue fiber-glass wall. None of them are allowed to see the other unless they are engaged. Hence proving that Love really could be blind. The show received quite the audience’s attention. Most recently, some of the cast members featured on the Ellen show. Well, not cast because they are actual people just being themselves trying to find love.

The Love Is Blind couples on The Ellen Show.

So, Lauren Speed, Cameron Reid, Amber Pike, Matt Barnett, Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers, made their way to the infamous Ellen DeGeneres show to talk about their time on and off Love Is Blind. In this short series, we saw these three couples go their ups and downs as they counted down days to the altar.

On Ellen, the couples laugh about their times together. Lauren and Cameron are sufficiently happy with one another being married. Plus, Lauren and Cameron are best friends now! They’re not living together but trying to have the most fun that they can with one another.

Barnett is surprisingly a lot quieter on Ellen than he is on the show, Love Is Blind. His wife, Amber Pike dyed her hair blonde and is also living a happily wedded bliss. She and Barnett are looking to lease an apartment and know that they definitely want to have children with one another. Although, they are not rushing it yet.  Ellen also confronts Amber about her talk with Jessica on the show! That one’s spicy.

Ellen also plays Never have I ever with the Love Is Blind couples. They talk about sharing toothbrushes and participating in bikini contests.

It seems that life is going well for the 3 couples. If you haven’t already seen it, the Love Is Blind reunion episode is available to stream on Netflix. You can learn all about what all the couples are doing now.

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