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Instagram Influencer’s Birthday Party Causes 3 Deaths Including Her Husband’s

Dry Ice Is Extremely Dangerous! Don't Try It At All!

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Birthday parties can be pretty memorable when you celebrate them with the love of your life, your kids as well as close family members and friends. Many Instagram Influencers are trying to up their game of birthday bashes. Take Kylie Jenner, or other Kardashians, for example. No one can match the level of creative thoughts and money they put in every single birthday party. And if you are a social media personality, you also need some jaw-dropping and cute images to share with your fans and followers. Probably that’s what this Russian Instagram Influencer, Katerina Didenko, was planning for her 29th birthday party. However, one “visual effects” creativity on her birthday party caused 3 deaths, including her husband’s.

Who Is Katerina Didenko?

Katerina recently turned 29. She is a Russian Instagram Influencer, a Pharmacist by profession and a mother of 2 beautiful children. Her Instagram Bio states:

My Readers save on going to the pharmacy. [translated]

This is her post on CoronaVirus, shared on January 26.

You can see the perfect family she had. However, no one knew how her 29th birthday would turn into the most tragic incident of her life.

What’s Dry Ice?

Dry ice is solid Carbon Dioxide. In fact, you must have seen dry ice in cooking shows, MasterChef, or at a restaurant by now. Primarily used as a cooling agent, it turns directly into CO2 gas, instead of liquid. Moreover, it is commonly used to transport meats and ice cream as well. When you put the dry ice in water without taking the right precautions, it can be very deadly. The high concentration of CO2 is extremely toxic, and it has a very low temperature as well that can cause frostbites.

Birthday Celebrations & The Dry Ice Disaster

On her birthday, Katerina Didenko thanked all the birthday-wishers in a single post on her Instagram.


Her birthday celebrations were going pretty well, with swimsuits, pole dancing, food and drink and much more. Everything was being posted on her Instagram Stories, providing a news feed from the celebrations. However, just after a couple of hours, Yekaterina posted a story crying. She told her followers that her birthday party had gone terribly wrong. About 55 pounds (25 KGs) of Dry Ice was poured into a Moscow pool. That’s the venue where she was celebrating her birthday.

Her husband, Valentin Didenko, was the one to pour all of that dry ice into the pool. He jumped in to cool himself down after a steamy sauna session. However, he stopped breathing immediately. Two more people were already in the pool when the dry ice was poured. Both of them died at the spot. Valentin Didenko was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead by the officials. There were four more victims who were treated for burns and poisoning.

What went wrong?

The Russian Investigative Committee is currently investigating the Dry Ice disaster. Sources are telling that the pool had limited ventilation. Since everyone was busy partying and enjoying the steamy sauna. The party became too hot to handle. That’s when Katerina’s husband tried the dry ice to bring the temperature down as well as create a visual effect to dazzle everyone. The birthday guests that were standing near the pool, fainted and dropped on the ground.  Some sources are also saying that the other two victims joined Valentin after the Dry Ice was poured.

Katerina was unharmed and she survived the incident. She is currently taking care of her daughters. Our prayers go to the Didenko family and the families of other victims.

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9 дней, как мы с тобой попрощались… Кажется, я до сих пор не верю, как будто это сон, и я жду, когда он закончится, хотя и знаю, что не сплю. . Где бы ты сейчас ни был, ты знаешь, что и я, и наши дети тебя очень любили, любим и будем любить! Я не знала человека лучше, ближе, ты был моей опорой все эти 11 лет! . Мы поженились тогда, когда морально к этому созрели, а не потому что нам говорили «пора, ну а чего ждёте, вы же столько лет вместе». Мы родили 1 ребенка тогда, когда взяли 1 ипотеку. Я думала, после этого мы окажемся в ж*пе, но нет, все сложности сделали нас сильнее. Ты знал и верил в нас. 2 ребенок, 2 ипотека. . Как мы пошли на риск- ты уволился с основной работы, ушел во фриланс, чтобы помогать мне с блогом. Ты верил в нас, верил в меня. Верил так, как я сама не верила. И сейчас мне не хватает этой веры, я рассыпаюсь, не понимаю, что делать, кого слушать, как жить дальше . Последние 2 месяца мы стали жить именно так, как мечтали, почувствовали вкус жизни по настоящему. Только с тобой я могла пережить это счастье. И как же больно осознавать, что сейчас нужно жить без тебя. . Помнишь, мы говорили о том, что не могли бы представить жизнь друг без друга? Как мне сделать это сейчас? А ведь мне это нужно. Ради нас, ради детей.

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