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Harrison Ford’s Call Of The Wild Will Lose 50 Million

Harrison Ford's name couldn't save this ship from sinking.

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Harrison Ford has one of the biggest star profiles in Hollywood. Some love him as Indiana Jones, others as Han Solo. However, that does not mean each film of his is a blockbuster hit. By the looks of it, ‘Call of the Wild’ falls in that category. The film was underwhelming at the box office, and there might be several reasons for it. Like the plot, CGI, or maybe even CoronaVirus.

A 50 million loss at the box office…

Due to CGI, ‘Call of the Wild’ cost Disney a whopping $125 million. That meant the movie had to perform admirably in the cinemas. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case. The film has made $49 million in North America and $79 million internationally. It would have been sufficient for a movie of such a nature, but the CGI really shot up the cost of the film. According to sources at Variety, the film will barely break even at $250 million. Therefore, it looks like the film is set to lose $50 million at the box office. Now, even with dogs and Harrison Ford in the film, how did ‘Call of the Wild’ manage to not perform at the box office? Let’s check it out!

Plot and CGI – not up to par

 Harrison Ford's Call Of The Wild Will Lose 50 Million

As of right now, critics haven’t loved the film a lot. ‘Call of the Wild’ has a Rotten Tomato rating of 61%, IMDB rating of 6.9, and a Metacritic rating of 47%. This is probably because of the film’s average plot. It’s based on Jack London’s best-selling novel, but critics couldn’t connect. Harrison Ford still had his usual charm, but something was missing. Peter Travers at the Rolling Stone said in his review:

Digital slight-of-hand makes a poor substitute for all things bright and beautiful. Faking it is no answer to Jack London’s call of the wild — or an audience’s call for astonishment.

That isn’t encouraging for a $125 million film, but it wouldn’t have had such a high budget if not for the CGI Dog. Audiences today are very used to everything CGI, but a CGI dog might be a bit too much. As expected, it triggered a debate among viewers if it was a good decision or not. This is because people would feel more connected to Buck the ‘CGI’ Dog had he been real. Therefore, the movie sparked some controversy. However, the outbreak of Coronavirus didn’t help the film either.

Outbreak of Coronavirus

Harrison Ford's Call Of The Wild Will Lose 50 Million
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COVID-19 has severely affected Hollywood and the box office. Italy, China, and many other European countries are in complete lockdown. It means that cinemas are closed. Moreover, the WHO has declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, which gives us an idea of how serious the situation is. This definitely had an impact on the film, and several other releases too.

These factors made ‘Call of the Wild’ a risky release. It seems unlikely that Disney will make a profit in this film. However, they’ve done pretty well last year with ‘Avengers: Endgame’, ‘The Lion King, and ‘Frozen II’. Hence, they’ll probably not lose any sleep over it.

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